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Should i exchange my bright pink D&B bag for a black one, for everyday use?


my mom bought a Dooney & Bourke bag for school, and its pink. I want to use it as an everyday bag since it has everything i need, and my old bag is worn out. heres a pic of the bag my mom bought for me:

it looks brighter in person. just picture a hot pink color.

i really like the color and everything, but i'm worried about it being an everyday bag since its so bright and all, and pink lol. i cant decide whether i should exchange my pink bag for the same bag but a black fabric/trim so it can go with everything. heres a pic:

i honestly dont know what to do. i want to use my DB bag everyday, but would pink be too crazy for every day use? and i cant get another one unless i pay for it myself b/c its like 200 bucks and im broke lol

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    if you really like the pink one, then stick with it, but if not then i would trade it in cause the black one wont get dirty and it will probably last longer.

    (no offense, but after a while the bright pink would probably get obnoxious)

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  • drella
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    9 years ago

    I love the color, plus it is more youthful. The black is a little less fun and more older. I wore a bright orange/red bag to school almost everyday and it worked out just fine.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    That's not crazy at all :P do ittt

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