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Do leos get better looking as they grow and scorpios look worse?

All the leo friends I had a few years ago were butt ugly and all the scorpios I have known have been so beautiful. Last week I went to melbourne my home city for the weekend and saw a few of them and the tables had turned, not for everybody though lool but for the most part. Im not being mean. Mila kunis is a leo and she was so ugly a few years ago and now shes stunning. Leonardo dicaprio was the most beautiful thing a few years ago now hes ugly and fat. Geminis stay the best looking throughout aswell as pisces and taurus.

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    Sun-Ur a b*tch..calling ur mom ugly even though it might be true......

    to the person who asked the question:it depends i guess......most likely Mila might have gone through surgery or she just inherited good looks while she was growing.

    leonardo os just fat so it ruined his looks..

    And BTW:i know a scorpio who wasn't very good-looking and he's 30 now....he's still not very good-looking.

    good looks are genetic! :)

    Source(s): AN AWESOME ARIES! :)
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    i'd say Sagittarius sign is the final. we like existence and prefer to examine greater approximately each little thing, yet ordinarily something it is previous the conventional. now and returned we act loopy and careless, yet all of us be attentive to a thank you to guard our inner international and meet possibility with a 'smart smile'. as quickly as we cope with subject concerns, now and returned a sturdy fortune merely steps in and the purpose is reached. we are hassle-free and safeguard reality that's the main important for fulfillment (even it ought to no longer look so in some circumstances). producing ideal thoughts and proposals to the others is hassle-free. some think of we are too blunt or beneficial/cazy, yet lose miserably as quickly as we use our mind and foresight. Exploring the international without being too delicate and dreaming approximately stars is a huge experience. :)

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    Stupid questions n stupid answers. Not necessary all scorpio n all leo are beautiful or ugly. There are wome very beautiful who arent scorpio or leo and consider models and other celebs. Its like asking who is rich and whos poor

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    Of course not. I like astrology as much as the next person, but appearance when older is genetic, how one takes care of themselves, and environmental. Planets on the ascendant or 1st can have a bearing on some features.

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    Capricorns age well, they are usually born looking like little old men, and grow more beautiful with age.

    Scorpios usually are gross in their youth, because they are into dirt, poop and are basically little slobs. THey get hot after puberty, and usually stay that way. Since a lot of them are self aware and take care of their weight, looks, hair whatever.

    Leos will always look their best. They are leos. From birth they are drama loving actors and actresses, who love the mirror almost as much as they love themselves, so they will always look glamorous.

    The ugliest sign I would say is Aqua, because they believe they are the best, no matter what. And nothing is more ugly, imo, than lack of humility..

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    if this is all you think about, which zodiac sign are most good looking, then i suggest you go find yourself. everyone is beautiful, no matter their zodiac sign. or their natal charts.

    who cares if you're ugly? everyone has the looks to be a model.

    Source(s): the bohemian aquarian
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    Ignorance has reached its breaking point. Gosh! Many people need to open their eyes! Let me spell this out. G-E-N-E-T-I-C-S! and also, are people that superficial? Last but not least, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.

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    8 years ago

    What make you think like that? And that is a awefull thinking of you and yes i'm a Leo but if you would say that about other zodiac sign i would say the same thing.

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    Your sign has nothing to do with what you look like if your born ugly you will always be ugly or you can naturally become more attractive who knows. the only thing that true when it comes to looks in astrology is GEMINIS STAY THE BEST LOOKING!!!

    Source(s): A forever beautiful Gemini
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    Bad thinking.

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