Who is the mystery woman who showed up on OLTL today?

I gather she is from Vickie's past. I wasn't watching this soap 30 years ago. How does she fit in with the Todd story?

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    She is Irene Manning, Todd Manning's presumed dead mother

    Brief Character History

    Irene Manning Clayton was Viki Lord Riley's childhood friend and college roommate. Irene had been raised in Llanview but had relocated to Chicago in the early 1960s, where she raised her daughter Tina largely as a single mother. Irene had married a man named Ted Clayton, whom Tina believed was her biological father, but the brief marriage had ended in divorce and Tina grew up knowing little about him.

    In 1978, a very ill Irene returned to Llanview and asked Viki to look after Tina, who was now 16 years old. Irene had named Viki as Tina's godmother, and Viki knew Irene had nowhere else to turn. Irene quickly succumbed to cancer, and Viki took Tina in. Irene's ex-husband Ted eventually showed in Llanview and caused much trouble for Tina and Viki before being shot dead in front of Tina, who left town.

    Tina returned to Llanview in 1984, having discovered in her mother's diary that Ted Clayton was not her biological father after all. After a year of searching for her true paternity, Tina found a letter from Viki's father Victor Lord in which he confessed that he and Irene had once been married and that Tina was his daughter. Viki refused to believe it, but eventually she was forced to accept the truth after recalling a long-repressed memory of seeing Victor and Irene in bed together.

    Irene's past with Victor resurfaced yet again in 1994 when Dorian Lord was accused of murdering Victor 18 years earlier. Dorian was convicted of the crime and sentenced to death, but was freed after a man named David Vickers surfaced with a diary in which Irene confessed to having smothered Victor. That part of the diary had been forged, but Irene also revealed in the diary that she had given birth to a son by Victor after they were divorced. David claimed to be that son, although he was lying in the hopes of claiming the inheritance Victor had promised his son when he turned 25 years old. The true heir turned out to be Todd Manning, a convicted rapist, who had been raised by Irene's cousin Peter Manning and his wife Bitsy.


    Skye that was kinda rude.... All I wanted to do was give an accurate answer, which I got from Soapcentral, not Wikipedia. Not everyone can be a long time viewer.

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  • Kelly
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    10 years ago

    Irene Manning.

    She is the mother of both Todd Manning and Tina Lord. (Tina is Viki and Todd's sister if you're a newer viewer, they all have the same father, Todd & Tina have the same mother, Viki has a different mother). And was a childhood friend of Viki's.

    She raised Tina, but Todd was given up for adoption and raised by Irene's cousin Peter Manning and his wife. Todd's adoptive mother is said to have died when he was a young child.

    I have wondered if they would write that the Todd's are brothers or perhaps twins...

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Apparently she is Irene Manning, Viki's friend and Todd's mother. I wasn't even alive 30 years ago, so I wasn't watching either.


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  • As has already been said, she is Irene Manning, presumed dead due to cancer.

    Are Peter Manning and Irene Manning cousins or brother and sister? I thought the latter.

  • 10 years ago

    She is shady.

    However, I think that Todd, the one with the new face is a genetically engineered clone.

  • 10 years ago

    Irene Manning.... Todd and Tina's mother.... and apparently this other guy's mother as well. Her sudden return will no doubt bring Tina, Cord and Sarah (Erin Torpey) back to town. It will be very interesting to see her interact with the family she had abandoned and her grandchildren... I'd be interested to see a scene between her and Addie... Irene may be cunning but I bet Addie would cut that b*tch.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Another tacky looser in this pitiful s/l.

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