How did you meet your spouse?

We often forget the early stages of our falling in love. How and where did you meet your spouse? What did you do to spark his or her need to know you better? What did you do on your first date? What was it about this person that convince you he/she was "the one" for you?

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  • DeeJay
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    8 years ago
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    Kai - Long story. We were in kindergarten together.

    When I graduated - my girl friends and I moved to the big city.

    Four years later - I was called home for an emergency - to help my father.

    Our paths kept crossing. He ask me out twice and I turned him down - thinking not to get serious - because my plan was to return to the big city.

    He asked a third time. The third time was the charm.

    Our first date - we went out dancing and absolutely had the time of our life. He asked me to go steady - that night when he walked me to the door.

    We had a glorious courtship for almost 8 months.

    He was 6' 2" - a tall - blond handsome Danish guy - best dancer - a wonderful sense of humor and most important - he was very intelligent and we enjoyed being able to talk and communicate about - most everything.

    We knew we were made for each other.

    We eloped - his brother and wife were our witnesses.

    We were 22 years old when we married.

    Our love and friendship has lasted for the past 54 years.

    I still sometimes think about - what a lucky lady I am - finding the love of my life.

    I wish everyone could be as lucky as I have been

    Thank you for asking,

    I love to share our love story.

    I do sometimes wonder? What if - he would have taken - no for an answer?

    Thankful that he was persistent.

    Lucky me.


  • 8 years ago

    In High School.

    We Met By A Friend Cause He Always Thought I Was Cute.

    He Introduced Himself To Me.

    But That Was It.

    Later On My Junoir Year He Would See Me And Blow Me Kisses.

    I Thought It Was Cute.

    Later On I Started To Have Feelings For The Boy.

    I Told My Friend, Her Brother Was Friends With Him.

    That Day He Hugged Me To Sat Bye Because It Was The End Of The School Day.

    My Friend Told Him Kiss Her.

    I Yelled Say "No".

    Then He Looked Into My Eyes And Said I Know You Want A Kiss.

    That Momment He Made Me Shy And Have Feelings For Him.

    That Night He Got My Number We Started Dating.

    We Are Dating 1Year And 3 Months

    And Now We Are Enagged.

    And Happy(:

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I was stationed at the Fleet Training Center (base supply) Dam Neck in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I stopped into a cafe/souvenir shop that I'd never been in for a cheeseburger, fries and a milk shake (Sept 1967). A cute blonde waited on me and when I paid my bill, she said, "Come back and see me sometime." We were married in Feb 1969.

    Our first date was spent at friends of her family...for the night. We were going to a movie and had to drop something off at her family's friend. They got word that a hurricane had turned and was heading for Va Beach. They wouldn't let us leave. When I took her home the next day I went on back to the base to shower and change. When I got to the gate to head out, I was asked if I was married. No. So, I was sent back to fill sand bags. The hurricane passed Va Beach.

    She grew up in a similar family (3 sisters, 2 brothers, just like my family), middle class, she had the qualities I always looked for in a woman.

    We've been married over 42 years now.

  • Laredo
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    8 years ago

    My husband saw me at the local Ice Rink and we went out on our first date to the Cinema. My husband made the first step to meeting and getting to know me. It was not love at first sight but after a while we realised that we were in love and eventually got married.

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  • robin
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    8 years ago

    At a 3 penny hop

  • Lynn
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    8 years ago

    I met my future husband, in the snack bar on base in Georgia. I saw him as soon

    as he swept in from the outside cold. He looked freshly scrubbed and like a boy

    next door type. And his eyes met mine, and he sat down across the table from

    me. He began talking to me and my girlfriend. And offered us an "L&M" cigarette

    which was a big advertiser at that time. And it was amusing, that he offered one

    exactly as the TV ads would say. That's how he broke the ice. When he found

    that my girlfriend was waiting for her date, he directed his conversation mainly

    to me. He asked me out, before I had to leave.

    The day came, and I got a phone call from a friend of his. He explained my date

    had been called to "Guard Duty" and he couldn't make it. But the caller, said he

    would be glad to take his place. I felt I'd been had, and it was just a set up. I

    wrote off the guy I'd planned to date. Until he again entered the snack bar when

    I was there on a blind date. He swept the room, and landed on me with his eyes.

    Instead of speaking to me, I felt indignant, and excused myself from the little

    group I was with, and went over to the table of my soon to be husband. His friend

    saw me coming, and spoke to me first. Then my husband to be, joined in and then

    apologised about not being able to keep our first date. And I said, maybe we can

    do that, some other time. And he asked, "Why not now?" I explained I was on a

    blind date, I wanted to get out of, and I'd be glad to spend some time with him

    instead. I had to apologize to my little group,and bow out, so to speak. I spent

    quite some time just talking to my husband to be. As we discovered some things

    about each other.

    We found we had alot in common, and I just felt I couldn't stand to be away

    from him. During my first week, he asked me to marry him. And we were married

    another week later. He had orders to go to Okinawa, after Christmas, and so we

    decided to be married before he left. We both felt that we were each others'

    soul mates, and planned to be together all of our lives.

    Our dates were only at the snack bar, because when we chose the theater

    on base, it was closed. One of our dates, involved meeting his parents. She

    had on a fur stole, and was over dressed. His dad was in a suit. That was a

    totally wrong impression of them, as I learned soon after on my honeymoon.

    That's where I spent a week, living in a small one bedroom trailer with his

    parents, and two dogs. No privacy, thin walls and one bathroom accessed

    through the bedroom, which was temporarily ours. I've almost blotted out

    those days. It was not the ideal honeymoon, to be precise.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    We were introduced by mutual friends.

    We had one date in 1974-- didn't click.

    One date in 1975-- still didn't click.

    On our date in 1976, things clicked immediately. I had loosened up a little bit, and he was a bit more preppy then, which is what I liked.

    We were married in 1977.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I was a waitress and he was a customer. he asked me out on a date!

    I loved the way he smelled. I have read up on this since and have found out that this is not as unusual as it sounds.

    We went to a movie on our first date!( 55 years ago)

  • 8 years ago

    I was riding my horse on a country road and he turned the corner in his dump truck and almost ran us over-I yelled and screamed at him and it was love at first site :) we started talking, found out we havd lots in common and knew many of the same people and the rest is history :)

  • 8 years ago

    I didnt meet him but i knew him from school. We started out riding horses and one thing led to the next till i was old enough to date.. Gee i think we went to the movies. Ahhh me the way he kissed..K2

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