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Of what national origin were the parents of Thomas R. Marshall?

If someone knew it would be great I would especially like to know what country his father's family was from.

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    To tell you the truth is difficult to trace anything farther back that Thomas' father, Daniel M. Marshall, a country physician. Daniel was the son of Riley Marshall who immigrated to Indiana in 1817, settling down in Whitley County. I was unable to locate Riley's origin. However I did come across a relation to Chief Justice of the United States John Marshall. According one source, Riley Marshall was the nephew of John Marshall. The validity of the claim is tenuous, because John Marshall was born in Germantown, Virginia in 1755. And the relation was not mentioned in any other Marshall biography. The real problem is that John Marshall was the eldest of 15 children, 8 sisters and 6 brothers, any of whom could be the parent of Riley. Of course this leads to the idea that Riley have might already have been an American citizen and leads to his confusing immigration to Indiana. Unless his parents traveled back to europe for some reason, than returned to America after Riley's birth. If your interested, John Marshall's family was in America for several generations. The farthest back I can find on John Marshal was his colonist ancestor William Randolph, who was born in Warwickshire, England on 7 November 1650. Its fairly safe to say that the Marshall's are most likely Americans, but their ancestors were from England.

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