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Charging my iPhone through xbox 360?

Alright first I know how to do it just plug it in. But my question is if I charge it through that would I save money I mean I'm already running the xbox so I think I would cause if I plug them both in separately I'm using twicethe energy. Any answers would help thanks

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    I do the same! Using xbox as well as charging iPod/iPhone :) I think it's the best way to consume electricity :D

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    first off, you would need to be charging like 10 ipods everyday for a month for you to even notice a difference on your electric bill. So yes you can charge your ipod on your 360 and yes it will take a bit extra power but hardly worth even mentioning

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    no should be fine. i charge my phone on my xbox every once in a while =P. it really depends on if your leaving your xbox on just so you can charge your phone

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    your making the xbox take more power so it can give it to your iphone.

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    3 years ago

    Thankyou for all the answers

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