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Married , now what passion is gone?

As we all know relationships the first year we all love, its an actual high. But yet it fades away. im 35, i didnt want to get married, but never thought or made that statment. So Im getting old, I find a princess, she saves my life, stuck with me threw things nobody would. She will never cheat on me, she will love me forever till the day I die. I have this same feelings for only 1 person, and that was my soulmate i met years ago. but she did not recipricate. Rekindling our relationship is impossible. I used a match making process, and lived with her for 4 years so i did my dudiligence. I can live with her. But the passion is gone. I fake orgasims as a man. that is just pathetic.

The soulmate still haunts my dreams. no where like in the past, but its in my subconcious im sure. But i wouldnt get back with her if it came with a million dollars. My issue is i want that high, i want that passion (not even sex) I want to mingle, talk to a women, not to play a game, but just to talk to the most beautiful creatures god created, women. If i could get a passionate kiss, it would be more then if i slept with her.

So my question is what do i do? I cant ever leave my wife, for the reasons above, and i cant step on an ant, i could never hurt her as much as cheating on her would be if found out. But my life is at a low. Everyone needs a spark, my dna is off the charts to spread my seed. But ontop of that im passionate. What do i do?


I had to extend that working with her is not going to work. She is not "that kind of girl", she would do it after the couseling and all but the passion for the person is not there

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    sometimes, there isnt anything wrong with a slight detour from your normal life but you go back to it after you ve had that small chance of diversion.

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    Start marriage counseling! You need to let her know whats going on in your head. She wouldnt know that your not feeling passionate if you dont tell her. She might start doing things different. Role playing, Sexy outfits, i have no clue where you live but me and my husband did a program for married couples in our area (there all over) and we fell in love all over again. Its like we were when we were young. Kissing, playing, laughing. If you would like more imfortation on it i would gladly give you some.. and the best part is that all you have to pay is 100$! i would Recommand it to anyone. It saved our marriage! and it sounds like you do love her but yours lost. Maybe it could help!

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    Get over the "soulmate" wasting your energy... faking orgasms as a man? I thought I was the only one... you gotta do something to spark HER passion... sounds like you got plenty!

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