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Help my kitten is drenched?

So I am trying to teach my kitten boundaries with a squirt bottle of water. My kitten kept attacking my bead kit while I tried to work and nibbled on my laptop cord. So I sprayed her to try to get off the bed but she just kept running left to right so I continued to spray her. I stopped and tried to dry her with a towel but she kept running away Now she is just licking herself and chasing her tail. What can I do to get her dry so she will not get sick?

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    when you catch her doing something wrong (only WHEN you catch her) - stand tall (make your self big and scary looking) hiss loudly at her and move her away from what she is doing, this is how her mother teaches her, and they only way she understands instantly.

    she will soon understand what she can and cant do, and it will teach her that you are the dominant cat in the house (yes cats do work on a dominance basis when in social settings, they usually just think its them that's in charge)

    in your case, hiss, remove her from the room, and close the door, let her back in 1/2 later-if she does it again kick her out again

    you can use it for everything from biting too hard and scratching to ripping the leather couches, curtain climbing and wall/door shredding

    alot of people use water bottles (often with things in them cats dont like) but i think its a bit mean and its confusing to your cat, at first they dont relate the spray with what they are doing, and only move because there getting wet, then when they figure out its coz there doing something they find fun they often ignore the water, so the owner adds a smell they dont like like lemon to the water, and they just hate it! all the cats i no who are bottle trained are not as friendly as the hiss trained.

    and you need to have the bottle on hand in order to use it, so there are times when your cat will be doing something wrong and not getting told off for it while you know she doing it (and she knows you know she doing it), while you get the squirter

    your a classic case of it not working-your cat doesn't care if you squirt her

    my cats all love water because they where introduced to it correctly, buy putting them in a bathtub with a few of there fav toys and learning the water can make it more fun

    Source(s): veterinary assistant specialise in cat behaviour
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    To be completely honest, the kitten is probably teething. My kitten still chews on anything like my shoes or even my debit have to kitten proof your house just like you would for a baby. It is a pain but trust me it is worth it. You should also get several toys for her. I have made a special place in my house for my kittens that is theirs. Just get a cardboard box and put toys and catnip in it and let her play while you bead. I spent so much money on my cats for Christmas and all they really wanted was the box. Spraying her should really not be used a lot because she is use to it now. It needs to be when there is a sever action. My cats only get sprayed when they are pushing through the blinds and breaking them. They know what the bottle looks like and when I even grab it, they run! Overall, just keep her busy. She will get tired after a while of playing and during her nap you can always set up her play area again for when she is ready to go again. She will grow out of her crazy stage, it just may take a while. My youngest is ! year and 2 weeks, I'm still fighting it. Good luck :)

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    FIRST THING; throw that water bottle in the waste bin OR relegate it to misting your plants.

    The next time the cat displays this behaviour, pick it up immediately and stick your pinky finger in it's mouth. Do this every time the cat does this. The little fur ball will eventually get the message.

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    she will be fine, she will lick her self for a bit because shes all wet. i had to do the same thing(use a squirt bottle) with my cat, now all i have to do is pick up the bottle and shake it a little and my cat will stop doing whatever it is that's hes not supposed to be doing. your cat is running around playing the "you cant get me!" game, you just have to use the squirt bottle and say in a "mean" voice to get down or stop it. she will be fine, don't worry. good luck with the training!

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  • 9 years ago

    She'll be OK -she will dry on her own with no bad effects. As you have found, the spray bottle only works the first couple of times, then it's a game of "you can't get me". It's a cat so likely you will never get it to stop the unwanted behavior!

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    clearly your kitten really didn't understand what you were trying to tell her with constantly using the spray bottle................

    i would use the bead kit when i am locked inside my bedroom where it is kitten proof.................

    i would also spray my lap top cord with mens cologne or fabreeze so that kitten will stay away from it.............

    i don't allow my cats into my office, my bedroom or my storage room...........

    don't worry about drying her.........she will lick herself dry..........just don't spray and spray so that she doesn't understand what is going on...........

    btw...........when my kitten is in mischief, i just pick him up and kiss his head and neck.......then of course the purring starts and i put him down and he goes on his merry way............

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    When cats are wet, they tend to clean themselves off. It's their way of drying off. Drying her off with a towel would help (plus you won't get wet spots everywhere) but she will clean herself/dry herself off.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    tie her legs together. then she can't get away, and then use a hair dryer, but you need to run it on full blast because cat hair is thick. If that doesn't work try the oven or the microwave so she can't get away.

  • 9 years ago

    She won't get sick... just like a dog or a water-loving cat won't! (-:

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