Other childhood diseases that might mimic hand foot and mouth disease or heat rash?

My nephew has a rash all over his cheeks and now it is spreading to his back and shoulders. The doctor my sister took him to yesterday first said heat rash and then after arguing with my sister about it for 10 minutes took a look in his mouth claimed there was a was in it and then declared he had Hand foot and mouth disease. BUT none of the online picks look like my nephews rash and he dosent have any of the symptoms. No fever, no fatigue, no loss of apitite, not blisters on his hands or feet, he's running around like a tornado giggling and having fun. I was wondering if any other disease mimics Hand foot and mouth or heat rash. Could it be an allergic reaction?


They definately dont look like chicken pox. He isnt itching them either. He's 1. He came home from his dad's two days ago with this rash on his checks after his dad's birthday party for him.

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