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Shiba inus' or Cavalier K. C. Spaniels'?

im not getting a dog soon i just want to know which dog you find cuter and dont say well its all about the personality because im just curious on your personal opinion im not getting a dog

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  • Alison
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    9 years ago
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    I kinda don't like Shiba Inu's ... they have a very unpredictable personality, even when socialized they are one of the few breeds who will constantly try to dominate. A dog that is defiantly for a experience dog owner.

    K.C.S. are friendly but have a spaniel personality. They are very prone to ear infections so you must keep their ears clean and dry all the time. They are more higher maintenance for grooming, very smart, loyal, people pleasure, will always love you.

    Shiba is a one person dog, has more of a cat personality. You don't call it, it comes to you. Grooming them can be a challenge because once they decide they don't like it no more they show you with a nip. They are basically a Japanese wild dog that is one of the few who can be domesticated. They are one of the fewer breeds I would never suggest owning with small children around, or other pets. They have a extremely strong personality.

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  • 9 years ago

    i like shibas. they're damn hard to train, headstrong, and require a LOT of attention and extensive socialization.

    just my dog.

    add; vvv lol person below me. they require extensive socialization for a reason. not all shibas are fine with humans and dog aggression IS a trait and they have STRONG prey drive.they also run away a lot and don't care about you yelling their name to come back.

    are they smart? yes but they are EXTREMELY strong willed with a mind of their own.

    they would rather you perform the tricks while they sit on the throne.

    they're stubborn, and require a lot of time to train and consistency. they don't see any reason to please you, and if you aren't consistent enough, they'll have YOU trained for them faster than you can teach a well bred Lab how to shake.

    a well bred shiba will have great traits with no human aggression AT ALL in the pedigree & therefor it wont be unpredictable unless a health problem is introduced.

    like i said before...just my dog.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Shiba inus' because i feel there more playful and have more energy. They get along very well with others and are easy to train.

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  • I find them both the same just because they aren't "cute" but Shiba-Inus are cute.

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