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how can you graze a cattle without having to take it yourself ? scientifical and practical answers please ?

A poor man ia rearing cattles he doesn't want any other human to go with the cattles to the grazin fields to graze the cattles how can he solve this problem .remember 1.the place far about 700 m or so

2.he is poor cheap solutions only dogs he can't affort one 4.he can't get the food for the cattles also please help me answer this question my sir will literally bury me if i don't scientific and practical answers only

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    I'm not really understanding this question. A body can't graze cattle without having to go out and switch pastures. Cattle are not bison where they will move themselves to different grazing areas: if given access to a whole quarter section they will keep coming back to their favorite spots or plants, not going around and grazing whatever grasses are available according to herd movements. This coming back encourages over-grazing and pasture degradation enough so that the poor man will quickly get even poorer because he doesn't have any grass (or rather, the wrong type of grass) to feed his cattle.

    And of course this all depends on where this poor man lives. If he lives in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, and he can't get any feed for cattle in the winter, he's pretty much hooped. He might as well sell off ALL the cattle and the farm so he can go live in the city.

    If he lives in Florida or Southern Texas he can graze is cattle (depending on how bad drought conditions are) he can graze them all year round, provided he gets proper fencing to move them with. You don't need a dog with good fencing and good grazing management, nor with cattle that are trained to move onto fresh pasture daily. Temporary electric fences work best: they're the the cheapest form of fencing and you can move them wherever you like. Just make sure the animals are hot-wire trained before you consider using this fencing for rotational grazing practices.

    Just how many animals is he grazing and what are their breed[s]? That is also a determining factor in how a poor man can or can't graze his animals.

    Source(s): Raised cattle
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