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Airport Help? What do i do?

I've only ever been in a airport once, The last time i went was with my family and i was confused and they were telling me what to do, I got overly confused at the big screen with all the flight numbers and they were like "find our flight" and i was like o_o i don't know, And also finding the gates, and waiting for the lady to come out and call your flight? and what to do!, I was young so i guess everything was all big and different. Even coming back to London from spain i found even worse cause they didn't speak much english and the signs were even more confusing!.

Right If you guys can help me with this problem as i'm going with my boyfriend and the last time he went abroad was when he was 11 LOL i need help on what to do and where to go at the airport would be much help! I'm flying from London Gatwick With Thomson to South Tenerife, I worry to much and my boyfriend is more of the laid back kind of person that don't worry about anything, But i really don't wanna mess this up or miss my flight or anything as im really excited LOL

My Flight is at 20 past 4 and were leaving my house at 11 cause it takes 2 hours to get there, and they advise you to check in at least 2 hours before hand.

any help would be great :3

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    Ok first calm down! you are right to get there early, this will give you time to get familiar with the airport, when you get there, check the large board for your flight number, make sure its on time, then go to the check in desk, Thomsons use there own check in desks, it has large Thomsons signs up you won't miss it, and you can go to any desk, when you've checked in the lady will tell you your gate number and the departure time, go through passport control to locate your gate number, remember you can ask for help from any of the airport staff if you get confused,but I think you'll be ok, then relax and make sure that you are at the gate about half and hour before departure. Good luck (you'll be fine) and have a great holiday.

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