I want to reopen my school?

I want to reopen my school is there any way to reopen it? Like contact the cardinal of philly or something? Im serious by the way PLEASE HELP

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  • 9 years ago
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    You went to a Catholic school that was closed? Normally, the campaign to keep the school open happened as soon as the school's closing was announced. Back then, people wrote letters to the Cardinal, trying to get the school to stay open. Now, it's closed, and it's sadly too late. But you certainly can write a letter to the Cardinal anyway, telling him how much the place meant to you and how upset you are that it's gone. Even if you can't get your old school re-opened, your letter has meaning, because it helps the Cardinal know how important Catholic schools are.

    You'd write your letter to Cardinal Rigali, at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia:


    To really have impact, you'd get your friends from that school to write him letters as well.

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