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What can I do to help?

I'm a HUGE animal lover and I liked this page on facebook and its a high kill shelter. Theres 4 cats on the euthanizing list for Friday!! Where I live I can't have animals or foster! But if I could I definetly would! It's killing me knowing these animals are going to be put to sleep! They have good tempers and are perfect family pets! This place doesn't adopt publicly it has to be through a shelter so even If i posted it people wouldnt be able to get the cat unless they can get a shelter to take it in then adopt it through them and thats so much more work then just to a shelter and getting an animal thats already there. I'm 14 so I can't really do much but is there ANYTHING I can do to at least attempt to save these animals??

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    You could do a tiny bit by rescuing those for cats.

    However, it's a never-ending task for you and you can't rescue all cats who would be scheduled to be put down tomorrow, the day over tomorrow, and so on and you can't rescue all the cats in the USA and Canada.

    A better option is to talk about the situation of shelter animals among your friends, within your family, at school, university or at your work place.

    You could write information about this topic

    Write where pet stores and flea market sellers get their puppies and kittens from and give trustworthy references.

    Write where all the free kittens/puppies or "cheap" pure breeds offered in classifieds are coming from (puppy mills, backyard breeders and people who don't neuter their animals while being unable or unwilling to keep all the resulting offspring, ...

    Tell why pet stores don't admit to clients that their animals are from animal mills and which question they could ask to run the pet shop staff out of arguments.

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    Write how many animals actually enter the animal shelters, ponds, human societies etc each year and how many are adopted out each year.

    here is a good statistic:

    Write that pet shelters ask for adoption fees simply because they are running the shelter on donations and the adoption fees.

    They usually are not government supported - except of probably the city pounds.

    Put flyers about the topic in public places - such as shopping malls, your local grocery store, ask among vets if you are allowed to put some information there as well.

    The more people come across those information on their daily life routines, the better chances we will have to change the system.

    Simply because as long as people buying adorable kittens and puppies in pet stores or on classifieds, the animal mills and backyard breeders will make profit.

    And as soon as they don't make profit anymore because people know about the downside of pet store and classifieds animals, the sooner they will give up.

    Source(s): Cat certified care human since over 30 years and former animal shelter volunteer.
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    Mabye ask ur friends and family if they can adopt them and either keep them or find new homes for them.. Use can use facebook to ask around.. Or you can put a add on craigslist telling people about the kittys and a link to the website that u found them at.. Im sure a kitty lover will come up and take them in ;) Just have to get word out about them first. ;)

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    Maybe donate money to save them? Or start a fund raiser??

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