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(#6) the best baby name game?

You are:

Your husband is: (Choose one.)

-Adam Benjamin Carter. He has blonde hair/green eyes. Lives in Queenscliff, Australia. He works as a professional scuba diver.

-Andrew "Andy" Michael King. He has brown hair/blue eyes. He lives in Denver, Colorado. He works as a successful entrepreneur in the restaurant industry.

-Kyle Dalton Chamberlain. He has red hair/green eyes. He lives in London, England. He works as a singer/songwriter.

Your first daughter: (First name must be the name of a show on Bravo. For example, for Big Rich Texas, her name can be either Big, Rich, or Texas. Middle name must be your mother's maiden name. If you have your mother's last name, use your grandmother's maiden name.)

Your second daughter: (First name must be the name of a city in Orange County, California. Middle naming must be the name of a tree other than Aspen and Willow.)

Your first son: (First name is a kind of Volkswagen. Middle name is the name of a city in Svalbard.)

Your third daughter: (First name is kind of pie other than apple and cherry. Middle name is the name of the town your father or mother grew up in.)

Your second son: (First name must be an ocean animal. Middle name must be in relation to love.)

Your third son: (First name must be a type of wild cat. For example Panther, Jaguar, etc. Middle name must be the name of a mountain.)

Your fourth daughter: (First name must end with a K. Middle name must be the name of a galaxy.)

Star if you liked :) Tell me if you'd like more.

Oh, and you can still go back and do 2-5! Click on my name, LOL.

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    I am Rachel

    My husband is Any King

    Zoe Wachniak (Its a Polish name :/)

    Tustin Oak

    Passat Svea

    Blackberry Milwaukee

    Hammerhead Valentine (Love this one xD)

    Lynx Kerling

    Beck Bode

    This was fun :)


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    Adam Benjamin Carter

    Rachel Blaze Carter

    Cypress Oak Carter

    Audi Ostre Carter

    Peach Hyde Carter

    Ray Ardor Carter

    Tiger Washington Carter

    Brook Andromeda Carter

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    Kayla Marie Carter

    Adam Benjamin Carter

    Rachel Turow

    Cypress Magnolia

    Touran Haugen

    Boston Memphis

    Koi Cupid

    Tiger Everest

    Mak Carina

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    Ooh, this looks like fun!

    1. Andrew "Andy" Michael King

    2. Zoe White King {The Rachel Zoe Project}

    3. Brea Cedar King

    4. Routan Haugen King

    5. Keyah Echo King (Key Lime Pie)

    6. Koi Eros King (Koi fish, God of Love)

    7. Simba Everest (Lion)

    8. Brook Estella

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    Kyle Dalton Chamberlain

    Rachel Makinen

    Anaheim Laurel

    Jetta Haugen

    Pecan Guelph

    Dolphin Maple (a Maple Leaf is sometimes seen as a symbol of love. I'm also Canadian, so it works both ways haha)

    Tiger Fuji

    Anouk Tadpole

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    Andrew Michael King

    Zoey Callahan (Rachel Zoe Project)

    Anna Birch (Santa Ana, CA)

    Jett Haugen (Jetta)

    Coco Manchester (Coconut Cream Pie...this name sounds like a stripper or something!)

    John Hart (John Dory Fish)

    Tyger Swiss

    Brook Bode (Bode's Galaxy)

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    You are making my head spin.

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