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Londoners: Do you see the riots as protests, or an excuse for crime?

I've heard both sides from the news-- what do those in the city think?

I suppose if you're not from London you're free to interject your opinion, too.

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    No it's not an protest, you kidding, there raiding JD Sports lol. Nor is it an excuse, it a great wake up call for the Corporate Company we call Government because they now know we've had enough...........

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    I'm a Londoner by birth, though I don't live there now I do have family and friends very close to the riots. Well, I say riots but really they are looters. I bet if you stopped and asked many of these people why they are doing what they are doing they wouldn't have a clue who the guy was that got shot. It may have started as a peaceful vigil for answers from a bereaved family but every Tom, Dick and Harry has jumped on the bandwagon and it's basically turned into a free for all. They see others getting away with expensive goods and away they go to get some for themselves. How is putting more people out of work by destroying their places of work supposed to help the economy of poor areas? They have realised that due to low police numbers due to budget cuts, there is very little the police can do without putting themselves in grave danger.

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    I'm from Nottingham and there are rumours that it's starting to happen here too! Therefore I beleive it's an excuse for crime as if it really was a protest about the guy being shot by the policeman then why would all the other boroughs in London apart from Tottenham; Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester etc all be getting involved! It is completely stupid. How the hell is our country going to afford all this damage and business loss?

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    It is an excuse for looting.

    The gangsta shot was a gun touting rapist drug dealer.

    The looting is nothing to do with him it is just thievery and thuggery.

    The coincidence us it is only in areas with large back populations......coincidence?

    It was the same in the eighties in Manchester, London, Liverpool and Birmingham.

    Now thanks to labour we have millions more immigrants living in ghettoes.....many from lawless countries from Africa and the Caribbean. Many celebrate gun/ knife culture and have no respect for education or law and order.....yet the government thought it enriching to import them into British towns and cities.

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  • doug g
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    9 years ago

    It seems to go that way in the USA

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