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I have anxiety dosorder.?

I am 15 and i have anxiety disorder. When i breath i have to take very heavy and deep breaths, also i suffer from depression which is related to my anxiety and can have some really bad moods where i just feel like there isnt a point anymore, sometimes even over the smallest of things. I also have trouble sleeping and when i type this it is my third day without sleep and i dont sleep much to begin with so it is really tough. Recently i went to the doctors and that was when i was told i have anxiety disorder, but because i am only 15 the doctor would not prescribe me any medication what i need such as anti-depressants or some pills to help me sleep better, i would have to be 16 for the sleeping tablets and 18 for the anti-depressants. He did suggest, however, that i should try some herbal remedies and pills what release hormones to help me sleep, but they dont seem to be working because a friend of mine gave me hers which were supposed to be powerful, i dont have great support at home and they seem to think it is a bit of a joke but it is tearing me apart. I have seen how this site can help some people when they really need it so i thought i would write me own question and ask for help. I would just like to know if anyone has any advice for this such as things to do before 'bed' and medicines because im welcome to any suggestions.

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    Having battled insomnia and anxiety my entire life I have some recommendations for you.

    Insomnia is a big deal and I believe many people are over diagnosed when insomnia is seen as a symptom to other medical issues when in fact it is the cause.

    1. First and foremost you should work on getting a healthy sleeping routine down.

    An example of a solid nighttime routine would be:

    8 PM: Have a bath.

    8:45 Have a cup of naturally decaffeinated organic tea.

    Get yourself something nice, Chamomile is a bedtime favorite ~ Over time this will create a signal to your brain saying ‘ we are getting ready to sleep’.

    9:00 Brush teeth (you don’t want to get tea stains) and layout your clothes for the next day, make sure your school books and homework are in your backpack already to go.

    ****** Possible use of Benadryl goes here taken no more then 15 minutes before you shut your eyes

    9:15 – 9:30 Read some of a book or magazine of your choice in bed.

    Then bathroom break

    9:30 lights out.

    Get up at the same time every morning and during the weekends only allow yourself no more then 2 hours deviation from this schedule or the schedule you create.

    ***** You can insert 25 mg or up to 50 mg of Benadrly (diphenhydramine) into the routine to get started.

    The added benefit of Benadrly is that it is an antihistamine and can help with certain allergies. Allergies can be responsible for seemingly unrelated symptoms.

    *****ALWAYS get parental approval for all medication, including OTC. They need to know exactly what you have in your system in case of an emergency.

    2. A healthy and balanced diet is very important.

    The pharmaceutical companies have far too much influence in our heath care system and as a society we tend to forget how truly important healthy eating is.

    SMALL changes can be very impactful - stay away from corn syrup, caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

    Soda pop like Coke and Diet Coke are very bad for you.

    You are better off treating yourself to a high-end all natural soda with real cane sugar.

    No sugar after 4 PM, absolutely no caffeine after 1 PM.

    Of course energy drinks are always a big n-no.


    Herbal medicines can be dangerous due to not needing FDA approval, a common false belief that they are harmless and little if any oversight on dosage.

    Many are powerful and a dangerous combination can be created.

    I am not at all against herbal remedies.

    Unless your Doc gave you a specific list with dosages as he would any prescription and has personally investigated right down to the brand and where to purchase it a recommendation for ‘herbal remedies” is just irresponsible of him.

    For example:

    Many herbs have anticoagulant properties (can slow blood clotting) and could be harmful if you have a blood clotting disorder such as Von Willebrands disease, at the very least can lead to some very uncomfortable and heavy periods.

    St. Johns wart has showed effectiveness for depression but can also trigger manic episodes and be harmful to sleep if you are bipolar.

    Melatonin is often tossed into the air considered an innocent sleep aid BUT it affects the user on a hormonal level and our endocrine system can be disrupted causing a host of seemingly unrelated and difficult to then diagnosis problems. -

    If you make and follow a sleeping routine and your symptoms are not alleviated then:

    See an OB/GYN and discuss your anxiety and insomnia with her.

    It would be a real shame to over look a hormonal imbalance and end up screwing with your core brain chemistry - if a low dose birth control pill is really all you need.

    While you are there ask her to check your thyroid in addition to other hormone levels.

    You do not want a medication to mask the symptoms of another possible problem preventing a true diagnosis.

    Psychiatrists are notorious for over prescribing.

    Anti-anxiety meds are usually very addictive.

    Trust me it is no fun giving any medical professional that kind of control over you or creating an unneeded psychological dependence for that matter.

    I am not against medication. They just aren’t all they are cracked up to be – despite what TV ads and the pharmaceutical industry would have you believe.

    But other avenues of relief need to be explored first.

    However many doctors DO over-prescribe and young people need to learn long term coping mechanisms. Such as how you take long deep breaths - SLOWLY because during an anxiety attack you really have to breathe slowly or you will hyperventilate.

    Finally if all the above does not find the cause or alleviate the symptoms of your insomnia and anxiety attacks:

    Find a psychiatrist who specializes in adolescent mental illness.

    Try the sleep routine for 2 weeks. If you truly stick to it you will feel better.

    Source(s): Personal Experience and years of study. I am NOT an MD. If you work hard or fight for an RX you will likely be sorely disappointed once you get it - there is no magic pill for those who are truly mentally ill. Well I think Ambien is pretty damn magical, the original formula not the extended release, it helps me fall asleep and I do not wake up groggy. If all else fails it is my opinion a doctor should try Ambien above an SSRI or anti-anxiety med. Even with Ambien I have to stay on a sleep schedule or do not sleep and I go insane. Again it is no fun NEEDING a pill to sleep or for anything. Last resort. I hope this helps and fast! I know how miserable anxiety and insomnia it can be.
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    I'm sorry to hear you're only 15 and have anxiety problems and depression. I'm 14 and I have friends who have both anxiety and depression as well. Do you know the reason you have these issues?

    Could you try something you love like painting, photography, making videos, sports, etc? These activities could get your mind off of the depression and anxiety. Find something you love and stick with it!

    As for sleeping, you don't need sleeping pills. What you need is to become more relaxed and tired. You could try heavy breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, listening to relaxing music, incense candles..etc to make you more relaxed. The activities I listed above can help with making you more tired so you'll have a better chance of sleeping at night.

    I believe that anti-depressants are a wrong choice as there are so many side effects! After taking one medication you get another problem and have to take a medication for that and so on. Herbal remedies work wonders! It just depends on what you take. Try going to a herbalist or natural foods store to see if they have any advice on what you should take for these problems. The problem with taking some from a friend is she may be taking something different from what you need. That may be why it's not working.

    I'm sorry you don't have great support at home. Could you try talking to your parents about how you feel about that? If that doesn't work you can try talking to a different adult. Even a teacher at school you trust may be able to help. If you don't have any trusted adults in your life than talk to friends for advice or reach out online like you did in this question.

    Hope this helps,


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    You could probably take like ONE benydril at night. People take melatonin. It honestly nocks me out more than real sleep medication does. Other than that? You're 15. Try and keep a good day/night cycle. Before bed, try and keep it fairly dim and get the heck offline. There's a part of your brain that says it's time to be tired and it works on exposure to light and dark. When it's day, keep it bright, when it's night keep it mellow. Try...TRY not to stress about sleep. That tends to make it wose

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  • Lula
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    It probably is social anxiety. And you may be giving yourself panic attacks. Go to your doctor. They can prescribe you something & refer you to a psychologist for further treatment. You don't want to let it go. It can become VERY bad. I know someone who got so sick around people, he would hide from eveyone & get physically ill - nausea & diarrhea.

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    Get a NEW doctor.

    And take Unisom available OTC at bedtime.

    Lack of sleep will make your condition so much worse and can create symptoms making it appear you have a worse condition.

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  • 9 years ago

    There are some over-the-counter sedating anti-histamine medicines that may help you sleep.

    One is Doxylamine Succinate. Another are the Unisom Sleepgels. Also, there is one called Promethazine. Sleep well my friend.

    Source(s): Tried all of them.
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