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How is Bob short for Robert?

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    Nice theory, those who said it's because R and B look similar in handwriting... the only problem is that 'Bob' was a nickname for Robert in England several centuries before anyone apart from the ultra-rich and the clergy could actually write, so the idea doesn't stand up to any real scrutiny.

    It's just one of those things. It's a nickname for Robert in the same way that Dick is a nickname for Richard, Peggy is a nickname for Margaret, Bill is a nickname for William, Jack was a nickname for John, Jim is a nickname for James and Hal and Harry are (or were) nicknames for Henry. In Scotland, among of the nicknames for Robert and Thomas are Rabbie and Tam. And it's still pretty common for Michaels to be called Mick instead of Mike.

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    Bob Short

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    Why is Dick short for Richard? And Hank short for Henry? There are all sorts of nicknames that don't seem to fit with the actual name, although I can see Bob coming from Robert. Somebody must have liked Bob better then Rob.

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    How is Bob short for Robert?

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    How's this for a thesis? It goes back to the days when most people were illiterate, but some did learn to recognize their own names. Rob or Bob had fewer letters than Robert, so was easier for them to recognize and to print (because very few people could do cursive writing in those days)

    The change from Rob to Bob might simply have been that someone didn't print the straight line carefully enough and it hooked a little and turned into a "B"

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    Robert, Rob, Bob

    Richard, Rick, Dick.

    William, Will, Bill.

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    its NOT short for robert

    rob is short for robert

    bob is a nickname often associated with robert

    like bill is to william

    or hank is to henry

    or jack is to john

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    I have no clue.

    Id like to know myself, and I also wonder how Bill is short for William, and Dick is short for Richard

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    Well if the little \ thing in the letter R were to get like this I and then you added a little connector and rounded it out the R would now be a B. Then you just drop the "ert" and you've got Bob

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    the bottom of the R got accidently connected and ERT was amputated.

    A tragic story lol

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