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So im writing an essay on the film Children of Men and was wondering if this section needed any adjustments. My thesis is

Children of Men reveals that hope as well as faith and redemption are fundamental in order to keep humanity from reaching total collapse.

The refugees are rounded up, captured and put into cages and different camps. The film shows a scene, in which at the moment of entering a tunnel, many refugees are made to line up on the ground, against the walls, and the vehicles in which they were brought in with their hands behind their heads. Further along it shows what will be their fate by a line of individuals already lying dead. In one scene the British Homeland Security can be seen stripping and beating illegal immigrants. The methods in which the refugees were treated are a lot similar to those used to exterminate the Jews in Nazi Germany. As a result of such brutality, many civil rights groups have been formed in protest. These groups are defined by the government as terrorist groups which are known for bombing and using violence as a means to protest.

It is important to notice what these events are implying. In the United States, immigration has become very relevant today due to the increasing number of illegal immigrants. In Children of Men this issue has been approached through radical enforcement. The film seems to suggest that the Nazi like methods to control illegal immigration are not as outlandish as they may seem. Although what is portrayed in the film is not yet to be seen, the possibilities should be closely considered. The New York Times recently published an article discussing the new laws in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. What these laws allow authorities to do are borderline wrong and extreme. They “force businesses to purge work forces and schools to check students’ immigration status. And they greatly increase the danger of unreasonable searches, false arrests, racial profiling and other abuses, not just against immigrants, but anyone who may look like some officer’s idea of an illegal immigrant“(The New York Times). They also grant local police the power to demand documents and detain anyone that is suspected of being illegal. In other words they can they can make warrantless arrests for assumed civil immigration violations. The laws also make it illegal to give a ride to someone who is undocumented (The New York Times). The author explains that “the laws vary in their details but share a common strategy: to make it impossible for people without papers to live without fear” (The New York Times).It has been made clear that the U.S. has failed to keep the borders secure and as a result more intense measures are being taken.

These kinds of acts however, can slowly lead up to a society of violent persecution for illegal immigrants as depicted in the film Children of Men. Here violence is fought with more violence and all it accomplishes is death, war, and fear. It is difficult to find hope and have faith in a government that is on a rampage to eliminate those who only seek refuge.

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    In your thesis, state in what ways it shows that. I was told in my English class to always have a road map. So do something like "Children of Men reveals that hope as well as faith and redemption are fundamental in order to keep humanity from reaching total collapse by ...., ...., and .... Make sure to put your paragraphs in the same order that you listed the reasons. Each paragraph should outline these reasons and have an argument supporting what you said in your thesis. Also, Italicize Children of Men.

    Your word choice and sentence fluency is very good!

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