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In Italian, when we use the conjunctions E, ED, O and OD?

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    E and O are conjunctions, ED and OD are the euphonic version.

    Also for the preposition A is used the euphonic 'D'

    It is not an absolute rule because the the euphonic 'D' was created to avoid cacophony or difficulty of pronunciation.

    In modern Italian language ED and AD are more used when the following word begins with the same vowel, or when the sound is better.

    Is best to use the D when the following word has few dental consonants

    "io ED Elisa"

    you can use "io ED altri" or "io E altri" - "tu ED io" or "tu E io"

    "E attendo" has a better sound then "ED attendo" (too dental consonants)

    "autori ED editori" is cacophonic

    The same for A, AD

    "penso AD altro"

    " vado AD un party " or "vado A un party"

    "A entrare" has a better sound then "AD entrare"

    OD is very rarely, or never, used.

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    e = and

    ed = and, you use it when the following word starts with a vowel

    o= or

    od= or, when the following word starts with a vowel

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