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my dad hit my dog and it peed?

i have a golden retriever who just turned 1 year old yesterday :) i love him anyway my dad hits him all the time when he does something bad for example yesterday my dog bit off the side on the bed and like messed it up and he got very mad and my dog went behind me and got scared of my dad cause he always is when my dad yells and went under the bed and my dad grabbed him by the collar and hit him really hard he peed on himself and then he hit him again for peeing and grab him by the collor and drag him hard to the cage downstairs and left him there for the next day all day he wouldnt let no one let him out cuz he was grounded anyway im scared for my dog becuz i cannot do anything to defend him- this is my step dad btw and he hits him all the time it makes me angry when he does it cuz hes just a dog anyway why did my dog pee himself??and how do i make it so my dad stop hitting my dog?? thanks--


No he never ever hit my mom, ever he wouldn't, He has hit me before but i hit him back and we fight a lot, It usually happens bcuz i deserve it and i start it

Update 2:

oh yeah 1 more thing, and the weird part is he a police and he is aggresive but i dont want to get him in trouble because he might lose his job and my mom didnt finish high school and has trouble paying the bills so if he loses his job we are all screwed and i cannot defend my dog or i will get grounded and get my tv and my computer and ipod taken away

Update 3:

No!! I cant give my dog a new home i love him so much i would be sad if i never get to see him again, and my mom does try to say stuff like "dont hit him leave him alone" but he doesnt care and she just calls him names also my dog doesnt defend himself he is very nice he doesnt bite no one he just minds his buiness and does nothing

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    Oh I feel for you!!!! I remember when I was around 12 years old I was over at a friend’s house. They had a husky that was probably a little over one year old. The father was preparing a BBQ and left the meet unattended on a table outside. The dog of course stole a nice big steak. The father went into a rage and ran around the garden chasing that poor dog until he caught him and then kicked him so hard that he went flying and crying out in pain. I am now closer to 40 and I will never – never – get that image or that feeling out of my head.

    Honey, what your step father is doing is so wrong that there are no words to describe it. It abuse of an innocent, helpless life; one that feels pain and fear and worse, cannot speak up for itself.

    I understand that you are afraid. I was petrified when I was 12 and it wasn’t even my father… but you will forever be proud of yourself for helping a living creature that cannot help itself.

    You need to get up the courage and pick up the phone and call and an animal helpline. You have no choice in this matter.

    When we really, really love something, we have no choice but to do what is right for the one that we love. And you need to do what is right for your dog. No one, no child, man or woman, dog, cat or even rabbit should ever have to live in fear and abuse and your poor dog is. No amount of love that you give to your dog will ever be enough to make it okay for your dog to stay in that house and be abused.

    What’s even more scary is that your dog is an animal. He has two responses when he is afraid – one is to run away and the other is to attack. Your dog is only 1 and he does his very best to run away. But as he grows up and this continues he will attack one day – it is his instinct. When running away does not work (and it doesn’t as your father chases grabs and hits him) then the dog will bite your father. And that day your father will take your dog to the vet and have him put to sleep. I know it’s a horrible thing to think of and I hate writing it, but this is reality and it WILL happen (if your father doesn’t accidentally hit the dog so hard that he permanently damages it first that is).

    Do the right thing; be strong. When you grow up and you aren’t living in that house then you can get yourself a dog that you can raise from a puppy and love and treat with respect and kindness. In the meantime, you have to help your poor dog who can not help itself.

    I am so sorry for you that you have to go through and see this. I am so sorry for your dog…

    Be strong.

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    The dog peed himself out of fear. Extreme fear causes loss of control of the muscles that control the bladder. Ever heard of people in situations where they feared for their life urinating on themselves? That's what happened to your dog. He doesn't understand why he is being hit, he just knows he's afraid of your father. Hitting an animal has no place in training. It's ineffective and cruel. It would also be considered cruel confinement to crate a dog for an entire day at a time. If your father cannot control his temper, the dog should be found a new home. Call Animal Control and report the abuse if need be, and they can seize the dog.

    Children NEVER "deserve" to be hit. Your father is abusive. And if he would hit a defenseless dog, he would hit your mother as well if he gets upset enough at her. Your mother needs to put her foot down. No violence in her home, and your father gets help for his anger management issues or he leaves. Period.

    Add: If you love this dog, you will do the RIGHT THING for the dog, and let him go to a home where he will not be physically abused. How can you purport to love an animal, and yet watch him beaten and locked in a crate for days and take no action? Part of loving an animal or a human is acting unselfishly in their best interests. That includes letting them go to a better situation if necessary for their well-being. Every dog has a bite threshold, and eventually, the dog WILL decide to defend himself if pushed far enough (and if your father doesn't kill him first).

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I Would Tell Him To Stop Hitting Him He Can't Do Anything To You Or Your Dog Thats Abuse And Mean That Isn't How You Train A Dog You Can Say Good Dog Thats Enough And He Will Stop Eventually Thats How I Trained My Dog And If Your Dad Does That Again You Can Get Him Arrested Hope This Helps Kid Good Luck.

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  • If it were me, I'd call the cops or animal control on him. He sounds like an evil,angry guy who is mad over other stuff in his life and is taking it out on an innocent,voiceless,helpless animal.. All so he can get his jollies and make himself feel better for those minutes... Disgusting.

    The dog peed because he is terrified of him.. It can and probably will turn into the dog developing fear biting... Which to bite your stepdad, I don't blame the dog... But the dog can go to bite anyone when he feels threatened... It's just him trying to retaliate and defend himself.

    The dog doesn't deserve to be living in such situation, he needs to be re-homed before the situation becomes worse.

    Seriously hit,thrown in a cage,and left in it ALL day???? That is abuse and your stepdad needs jail and also an anger management class.. Possibly meds.

    I'd watch out if I were you.. If the dog gets re-homed, he could possibly hit and abuse the kids next.

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  • 9 years ago

    Your step dad is uneducated about dogs. I doubt you can make him stop though. Does your mother agree with him? First of all the reason he chewed on the bed is because he was teething. the incontinence due being hit and shocked causing relaxation of the urinary muscular sphincter which controls the involuntary urination. Then to lock him up all day so he cannot go to the bathroom is further cruelty. I am so sad your mother does not see this. it is evidently up to you to take care of the situation.If he is your dog and you love him, you must get him out of this situation. That may mean finding a good home for your dog. Contact a rescue organization for golden retrievers in your area. Look it up online by searching for golden retriever rescue then write your city and state. Call them and tell them what is happening. If you dont want to do that then call animal control or humane society in your area Your dog is in his formative years and will learn to hate all men if this continues. I am so so sorry for you.

    And NO you do not deserve to be hit either. You are in a bad situation

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    arguing with him might result in him getting angry at you, so thats probably not a good idea.

    unfortunately dogs that get abused like that often get put down because they bite out of fear, you should try calling a charity like RSPCA or ASPCA(it will be called something different if your in a different country) they would find him a new home or charge your step dad with animal abuse, which might make him stop.

    you could also try talking to another adult about this, and see if they can help.

    edit: he shouldn't hit you, even if you deserve it, even if you hit him back, it still counts as child abuse. (if your a child, which i assume your are if your living with your parents)

    another edit: I know you'll be sad to lose your dog, but you can't tell if he'll start defending himself. and besides, he doesn't deserve this treatment, try thinking about whats best for your dog and not how much you'll miss him. He needs a new home, he'll be happier when he's away from your dad.

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  • Sugar
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    9 years ago

    Your dad is super abusive. You either need to give the dog to a good home (not a shelter....they kill them in a matter of days in there). OR

    you need to handle it big time with your evil step dad. I don't care if he's a damned cop or not.

    Then tell him that you don't care he's a cop or not and tell him you are going to call the police chief and have him arrested for repeated offenses of animal abuse if he touches that dog even one more time. You could call them now actually.

    I'll bet your step dad has a divorce in his past where his ex lists him as being abusive (a record of abuse).

    You need to get this straightened out right now.

    Also, in addition to that, get your dog a big chew bone. They need it when they are puppies and for some time after that as well.

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Sounds like your dad needs more training than your dog your dog pee's because it is frightened of your father who appears to have anger management issues of his own and then takes it out on the dog I would get in touch with the R.S.P.C.A. or whatever animal rescue service as it would be far better for the dog if he went somewhere else .

    I would also ask you father if you can take the dog to dog training and ask him to come with you so that he can see that what he is doing is wrong but put it in such a way that if the dog was being trained he would not have to discipline him as much because if he carries on like this there is a more than even chance the dog is going to bite him one day .

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Hitting your dog really is not the best way to train him. The only time i would ever hit my dog would be with a rolled up news paper and if he showed aggressive tendency's.

    The dog will get confused and wont know what he is being told off for if he is hit all the time. It can also lead to him being aggressive later on. If he wee's on the floor put the dogs nose in the wee and tell him NO, then leave him dont put him in the cage. As for biting/ chewing things its a sign of boredom, make sure he has plenty of toys and gets attention, the best toys are the strategy ones (where you put treats inside the toy and he had to work out how to get the treats out, keeps them entertained for ages.) Get some books about golden retrievers (usually from pet shops) and have a read up on them, they will tell you everything you need to know about training / punishing them.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Source(s): I have 2 dogs which i trained from puppies.
    • Dr. Stephanie
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      3 years agoReport

      the problem isn't the dog, its the father. How can HE be trained ? !!!

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  • 9 years ago

    If your dad is, in fact, a police officer then he should know that hitting a dog is animal abuse. You have 2 the dog and save it from further abuse or report your dad to animal control.

    It's time to grow up and stand up for what is right.

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