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Can I file my state and federal income taxes on 2 different programs?

I filed my Federal taxes for 2010 electronically but can i file my state income taxes on a different software from the one i used for my federal? I have two W-2's and filed as single. I live in the state of Arkansas. Will the IRS make a big deal about it? Or was i supposed to file them together at the same time? Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Sure thing, no problem to file state and federal returns on separate software

    The IRS doesn't care what you do with state return

    It's usually easier and quicker to use same program

    Many states have free e-filing at their Department of Revenue websites and you just insert #s from your federal return

    The one who might make a big deal is the state of Ark as you did not file your return when due, nor apparently did you file an extension. . . .Get it DONE

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    at first, on line tax courses are no longer written for circumstances like yours - and you may desire to rather flow in to determine a tax expert. You DO would desire to report each and all of the W-2 varieties with Georgia...they're going to examine. It sounds such as you have been an element-year resident in each and each of those States. reckoning on the State regulations and the off-instruments paid to the different States, no count if those States know that or no longer... you rather would desire to flow to H&R Block or Hewitt-Jackson or a CPA or a tax rather is purely way too complicated/too many States in touch. And confident, be arranged to pay some $ for that. Sorry. extra helpful success next year.

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    of course you can use different programs if you like

    IRS has no way of knowing you filed your state return at any time

    IRS doesn''t care what program you used, but since they are offering free efile on the web site it would appear that would be the most efficient way to file

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    You can. The IRS will not even know. However, it will take you more time than using the same program would.

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    You can if you must. The program takes the federal info and automatically flows it into state. If you use two different programs you will have to start afresh.

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