How did Henry VIII's divorce affect the catholic church?

Please write in detail. Thanks (:

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    It was the start of the reformation.

    Before Henry VIII emperors had to literally walk in rags in the snow begging the pope for forgiveness. For 'crimes' far less offensive than Henry VIII's divorces.

    The pope couldn't enforce his will upon Henry VIII. He didn't die of a lightning stroke or something else very nasty. As believers expected. The pope lost his face, completely.

    After Henry came others, more religious and more bold.

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    The Pope refused to give Henry the VIII a divorce, and he did not have grounds for an annulment.

    Henry separated himself and his country from the Catholic Church and created the Anglican Church. He placed himself as the head of that church. This is why, even today, the King or Queen of England cannot be any religion other than Anglican.

    This separation gave Henry a lot of power, all of the land that churches were on became his property.

    He passed a series of laws stating that if you were English, you had to be Anglican. If you weren't you were persecuted. This happened to many Catholics in England. If you recall the stories of the Underground Railroad here in the States that protected runaway slaves, there was a similar thing going on in England to protect Priests.

    Hope this helps.

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    Really?? It caused a split and created a new church which made him as king the Supreme head of the Church of England (Anglicans). It has its own prayer book and missal. Some of the mass settings are different but generally the same. Few people know that Henry VIII that he was not supposed to be King his brother Arthur was first born and married the Catherine of Aragon though the marriage was never consummated as he died very young. henry was destined to be a priest hence his knowledge of the working of the church. He got special dispensation in order to marry Catherine but used this against her when trying to divorce her in order to marry Anne Boleyn. He married a total of 6 Time and had 3 Children. It also cause the reformation where Henry and Cromwell closed down churches and monasteries, put the money into the country's coffers and sold the land of the the gentry. this caused a ripple effect because the monasteries were places of sanctuary as well as being hospitals and old age homes. They looked after the poor and the travelers. When the monasteries and abby's were closed the people living there were thrown out and that left them with now where to go and to the mercies of the outside world. there were defintalty far reaching implications andnot all of them good.

    Marriages in order:

    Cathrine of Aragon - Divorce Mother to Queen Mary

    Anne Boleyn - beheaded as a traitor and witch craft Mother to Queen Elizabeth I, caused the split in the church.

    Lady Jane - died in child birth Mother to King Edward

    Anne of Cleves - divorced marriage never consumated, treated a sister.

    Katherine Howard - beheaded for Adultry cousin to Anne Boleyn

    Katherine of Parr - out lived Henry

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    I'm not sure exactly how his divorces affected the Catholic Church, but there is a lot of information on Henry VIII and other Tudors here:

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    Quite simple, really. The Pope refused to grant Henry the divorce/annulment he wanted so Henry simply declared himself to be the head of the Church in England. That is where the Anglican Church came from and the Catholic Church was no longer welcome in England. Which led to various religious wars between those who followed Henry VIII and the Anglicans versus those who remained loyal to the Pope and the Catholics.

    Then when the Lutherans, Puritans, et al, came to England, we had another round of religious wars. True "christian love" in action.

    Blessings on your Journey!

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    It started the Anglican church. (they broke off from Catholicism because the Pope wouldn't approve an annulment for King Henry)

    Now you know what's going on, and you can do your own research! :)

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    It gave birth to the Anglican church.

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    Didn't he execute his wives so that divorce wasn't an option?

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