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Is there a thing called travel socks?

I’ve been hearing this from people, especially when I am at the department store section and often times I hear people asking about travel socks. What is this?

Thanks! - Jeff

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    Travel socks are also known as flight socks. They are designed and woven into a graduated shape to assist in the prevention of deep vein thrombosis during long car journeys or long haul flights. The idea is they have graduated compression that goes up the leg (they often reach to the knee) so they will be tightest around the foot to increase blood pressure and keep the blood in your capillaries moving. They loosen further up your leg to give free blood flow in the larger vessels.

    The hospital asked me to wear something similar during my cesarean section for the same reason. They're a cheap and simple way to improve your comfort and overall health (though studies are continuing) while on long journeys.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yes I've heard a little bit about it. It's a kinda socks that dries fast. And I think this is the reason the travellers mostly prefer this whenever they come to your department store.

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    Yes Jeff, there is such a thing as travel socks but it is more referred to as compression socks or support socks. They are not really design solely for travel use – like going on a long drive of a long flight. They can be used like wearing any other regular socks, however this type of sock provides therapeutic benefits. Many doctors normally suggest people to wear compression socks or stockings especially if they will be subjected to long drives, travels, flghts or for people who spend long hours standing of sitting down to decrease the probability of blood clot formation in the legs, swelling and pain.

    Compression supports are design to help improve leg health by increasing blood flow in your legs. Graduated compression hosiery helps prevent leg fatigue, ankle and foot swelling, mild spider veins and varicose veins by improving circulation in the legs. These specialized stockings are tighter at the heel and gradually get looser up the leg. With consistent use, stockings compress the superficial veins while promoting the flow of blood through the leg veins and the prevention of fluid accumulation in the tissues of the legs.

    However compression stockings are not recommended for people who are diabetic or those who smoke or have a decrease supply of blood to the legs.

    A lot of compression stockings are available today to fit our need as they come in all sizes and styles. I wear compression stockings everyday to work and I love JObst Ultra Sheer compression stockings which I ordered from www.LegsTherapy.com it feels so soft and nice on my skin, it’s like wearing my regular stockings but with benefits! I got use to the tightness on the calf area and I feel that my feet and legs don’t easily tire. There are compression socks available for men as well, I suggest you check it out!

    I hope this information is useful to you.

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