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Someone traced down my IP Address and sent it to the FBI?

This is a shared computer.

My brother was pretending to be ''Pedo Bear'' by posting question that involve inviting children to his cave, etc. He thought it was funny and all until Adam (he's a youtube user) he supports child molesty and stuff reported my brother, because he thought he was actually a molester, a.k.a. Pedophile. My brother is scared to death, too scared to even go to bed. Adam is in his 30's, so he's an adult male. Adam said my bro is going to life sentence 18 months in jail. My bro is SUPER scared, crying, hiting himself (he just turned 11) and all that stuff. I'm comforting him but still it scared. I heard that the FBI can go to court and get more information out of my IP Address like my street address, etc. My brother is just shaking like crazy and i'm worried for him. Will he get arrested for pretending being a internet pedo character? or what? REALLY SCARED HERE!


adam is a yahoo answer user sorry for the mistake.

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    Unless the FBI/CIA are bored or need more work, they usually only take interest in the people they have definitive proof on. They aren't completely stupid, and it's also very likely that 'Adam' was bluffing/trolling.

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    Someone has way too much time on his hands to get the secret government police involved in tracking down an 11 year-old boy who is pretending to be a fictional pedophile bear on the internet.

    Tell your bro he'll be fine. And OMG if anyone comes knocking, they'll have a laugh I hope.

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    save each email he sends, besides as another digital varieties of touch as they are going to be smart to police or in the form a civil case arises. do no longer alter them in any way previous moving to a distinctive folder or itemizing. inspite of the undeniable fact that he's not being openly threatening, his behaviour is harassment and could be grounds for civil or offender offense. in spite of if he deletes bills after sending the e-mails, the provider carriers could have, for a whilst besides, logs corresponding with the time/datestamps on the e-mails he sent besides as extra suggestions related to what IP handle he became employing to get entry to the bills. to be certain that provider carriers to launch suggestions from their logs they require a court docket order and could then have the flexibility to help the police. In some municipalities, piggybacking on somebody else's prompt connection without their wisdom or permission could additionally be against the regulation, and that could back require regulation enforcement to grow to be in touch. based upon how long this has been occurring and the point of harassment, the placement could actual improve into different varieties of harassment offline or perhaps threatening behaviour. save a watch on issues and if there is the slightest hint that the placement is escalating touch your community police for assistance. Addendum: you're welcome to email me if i could be of help.

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