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Whose rotation is really better, the phillies or yankees?

I think they are really about even.

The phillies rotation era is 3.06.

The yankees team era is 3.42

So the difference between their eras is only 0.38 runs. And that is a very small difference as you can't score 0.38 runs in a game.

Also NL pitchers only have to face 8 batters, AL pitchers have to face the DH, who is almost always big, strong, and batting over 300. If you don't think this makes a difference, it really does.

Look what happened to Carl Pavano, Kevin Brown and Javier Vazquez. They all thrived in the NL, and as soon as they played for the yankees, they imploded. Javy had a 2.87 era with the braves in 2009 and a 5.32 era with the yankees in 2010. Now his era is back down to 4.78 with the Marlins. See the difference?

Halladay's career era in the AL is 3.43, while his era in the NL is currently 2.43. Lee's career era in the AL is 3.88, while his era in the NL is currently 2.75. So this is another example of the DH making a difference.

Also what it means is, if the phillies were in the AL, Halladay would most likely, based on averages, have a 3.43 era vs. Sabathia's current 2.84 era. Cliff Lee would most likely have around a 3.88 era in the AL vs. Bartolo Colon's 3.22 era. Now which rotation looks better.

Also the phillies consistently play the mets, marlins and nationals, very low scoring teams, while the yankees are up against the sox, rays and jays, very high scoring teams.

And finally, there is more pressure to face with the media when playing with the yankees in New York City, vs. playing in Philadelphia. That's part of the reason why Cliff Lee went to the Phillies instead of the yankees for 20 million less.

Going back to the DH thing, who is more likely to get three hits in a game, David Ortiz, or a typical pitcher?


Utter Chaos, you can't score 0.74 runs in a game either, still a small difference in eras

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    I would like to correct you on many things

    1- In the question you said what team has a better rotation not bullpen... the Phillies starters ERA is 2.95... the Yankees team ERA is 3.50 but their starters ERA is 3.69 which clearly shows that the Phillies rotation is better.

    So in the rotations the ERAs are PHI-2.95 NYY-3.69

    2. theres a .74 ERA difference which is actually a big difference and thats nearly 1 run a game.

    3. When Kevin Brown came to the Yankees he was already 39 and he wasnt expected to be as good as the previous year. Carl Pavano may not have thrived on the Yankees but on Minnesota he had a great year and that's an AL team. Javier Vazquez is old also he pitched bad on the Yankees but his ERA has came down slightly on the Marlins because he has had some relief appearances not only starts.

    4. Halladay and Lee came into their prime in the NL thats why their NL ERAs are lower it's not the DH difference.

    5. You said Bartolo Colon's ERA was 3.22 it's actually 3.33 and recently he's pitched terrible. So Lee is much better and I would pick him over Colon any day.

    6. The Mets and Marlins are not low scoring teams and the Rays and Jays have average offenses nothin g special.

    7. This year the Phillies have more pressure than the Yankees to be great and Cliff Lee went to the Phillies for less money because he's not an underperforming egomaniac who loves money like the Yankees players.

    8. David Ortiz doesn't get 3 hits in a game often not more than any normal hitter.

    9. This is the thing that I hate the most that people say that DH are great hitters theres only 1 player who started the majority of his games at DH in the HOF... DH are usually oldplayers prolonging their careers the DH batting average is on average only around .260 and the DH's usually supply average power at best look at a great player like Victor Martinez he's getting old so he became a DH he's still about a .315 batter but has only 6 HR's most DH's are no longer great power hitters.

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    I don't think you really understand the concept of ERA. .74, according to your logic, is rounded up to a whole run more.

    The Phillies' is better.

    You're wrong about that. You obviously have no idea about the National League. While the pitchers aren't sluggers and usually .300 hitters, that doesn't mean they don't count as a batter. I'm not even going to explain it to you.

    That's a weak argument

    That's not a strong argument either

    Where are you getting these probabilities? Your @ss, obviously.

    Okay, they play the Braves more than any other team. The mets, nats, and marlins always put up a fight against the Phillies. They hardly ever destroy them. And the Yankees play the Orioles too.

    That's wrong too. NO. Cliff Lee most certainly did NOT chose the Phillies because he couldn't take the pressure. Notice how he waited for the Phillies to make him an offer? He chose the Phillies for 20 million less because he didn't want to sell his soul to the Yankees. The Phillies are clearly a much better team than the yankees. If records don't show how good a team is, then what does?

    Like I said, the pitcher adds more strategy to the game. But you're clearly too narrowminded to understand it.

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  • 9 years ago

    First of all you're asking which "rotation" is better but then you're comparing the team ERA. If you want to limit it to the rotation (which is just the starters) then you have this....

    Philadelphia starters: 55-29, 2.95 ERA

    Yankees starters: 54-34, 3.69 ERA

    So the difference in ERA is 0.74.

    Secondly there's the matter of comparing Halladay's and Lee's ERA's. True Halladay's ERA in the AL is almost a run higher but his AL ERA includes 2000 when he had the highest ERA in history with at least 10 games started (10.64). If you compare his last 2 years in the AL with his first two in the NL you get 2.78 vs 2.49 which is a lot closer and better than Sabathia's ERA this year. Same with Lee. In 2007 he had a 6.29 ERA. Just taking into account his last two AL seasons vs his two NL seasons he's 3.17 vs 3.10.

    Third, I agree that the AL ERA's are higher because of the DH but it's not as big difference as you think. Over half of the DH's in the A.L. are hitting below .270 including Adam Dunn at .163. The only two hitting over .300 are Michael Young and Victor Martinez. By the time the pitcher bats a third time they'd be using a pinch hitter who's usually a DH type hitter.

    I would take the Phillies rotation over the Yankees any time. You didn't even mention Cole Hamels, Roy Oswalt and Vance Worley who blow A.J. Burnett, Phil Hughes, Freddie Garcia and Ivan Nova out of the water.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You can't compare the team ERA's because they are in a different league! That said, Philly's rotation is better and this is coming from a Yankee fan.

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  • 9 years ago

    Phillies no doubt. No one can beat Phillies 4 aces. Yankees have a better bullpen though. If some other team can pull of 5 aces then I chose them. Right now Phillies.

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  • 9 years ago

    Phillies because of ERA

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  • Red™
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    9 years ago

    Of course Philly does. Why would you ask questions if you know the answers?

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  • 9 years ago


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  • why is this even a question lol? phillies by a long shot

    Source(s): duh!
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  • 9 years ago

    pfffffft thats a damn joke... even as a giants fan i know the phils roto is better than the yanks.

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