Why do MLB teams go on such long losing streaks? Whose fault is it?

2011 has to be the weirdest year ever in MLB history. I don't believe I have ever seen as many teams going on insanely long losing streaks as I am seeing this year.

Why do MLB teams, like the Pirates, Mariners and the Giants , go on such lon losing streaks? Whose fault is it when the team doesn't execute on offense or defense or when things don't go their way? Does this suggest that perhaps the whole team is guilty of playing fundamentally dumb baseball? What do teams, like the Pirates, Mariners and other dumb MLB teams prone to insanely long losing streaks need to in the future to prevent such insanely long losing streaks before they stretch to 20 or even more games?

ght themselves out of this mess?

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  • joe d
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    9 years ago
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    It's usually a testament to the all-around poor playing of the team. If anything, it can usually be pinned on the offense. Two of the teams you mentioned (the Giants and Mariners) have great aces and second starters, but their offenses can come up short sometimes. Sometimes it's just dumb luck that a team drops 5 or 6 straight, than they start to lose morale. Than some blame goes to the manager for not keeping them motivated.

    A way to prevent long losing streaks is depth in the starting rotation. If a team's ace, second and even third starters go cold (which every pitcher eventually does), than it helps to have the 4 and 5 guys be able to go in and get it done- even with a lack of run support. Also, like I said before, a good manager that keeps his team from getting discouraged is really helpful.

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  • sawaya
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    4 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    baseball is a funny sport, somtimes even the best teams go 5 or 6 games without winning. it's really just the way it goes..

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  • 9 years ago

    It depends on many factors...scoring runs and bad pitching for the most part

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