I'm planning a career as a religious studies prof, which of these colleges should I attend?

Duke University, Rice University, or Bowdoin College?

To make it clear, I mean religious studies as in the secular study of religion. I have no intrest in becoming a minister and I don't care whether or not the department is liberal/feminist or critical of Christianity.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Duke is good; so is Vanderbilt; so is Emory; so is Princeton. For your undergraduate degree, you might consider Millsaps -- a highly rated school, with moderate tuition costs. I was advised before beginning college, that I should take my bachelor's degree at a lesser known, but good, school, then use my success there to propel me into a great grad school. That advice served me well. Good luck.

    Source(s): Biblical scholarship has been my career, my passion, and my life.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Pitzer College

    Source(s): "Pitzer College in California Adds Major in Secularism" http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/08/us/08secular.htm...
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  • 3 years ago

    Does your church or denomination furnish financial help to this faculty? If not, then putting funds interior the plate by using this might do no particular sturdy. on a similar time as God DOES choose this funds to assist pay for the needs of doing His Will on earth, he additionally leaves it as much as the church or denominations to compliment which of His many works to apply this funds for – procuring the church development, missionary paintings, paying for bibles for choose human beings in different countries, or maybe helping fund religious faculties. So any funds you put in the plate will help the motives supported by skill of your church. yet God isn't inspired by skill of money in any quantity, because of the fact God Himself doesn’t choose funds! God owns each thing, and what He doesn’t have He can create. funds is ineffective to God in heaven. So provide as you notice greater healthful to assist your church or denomination, yet to not “bribe” God! As for prayers, God already knows the place your daughter is going, so which you don’t might desire to remind Him. What you DO might desire to do is ask Him that may assist you daughter climate interior the process the temptation and liberalism that have invaded even the religious faculties. confident, there ARE instructors in a non secular college that DO NOY have faith that Jesus is God! So pray the God will help your daughter see by way of those lies! Ask God to assist instruction manual you daughter interior the process the enticements of off-campus events, alcohol, and intercourse, Ask God to steer your daughter by way of training with sturdy upstanding CHRISTIAN instructors who will help her strengthen IN CHRIOST, and not strengthen doubtful.

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