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Should I take AP Calculus or AP Statistics?

I'm looking into accountancy and I know AP Statistics is the preferred class. However, people at school have said that statistics is a lot harder than calc. I struggle a lot in math but I just barely manage to get A's and B's.

So I'm guessing what I'm asking is: Is it better to get a C in Statistics(relevant to accountancy when applying to college), or get a B in AP Calculus?

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    AP Stats is a lot less math than you might think. You have to know which formulas to use in a situation, but much of the course involves supporting the conclusions you find. It's almost like an essay class, writing in detail why you chose your answer.

    AP Calc is really just advanced algebra, with formulas to memorize and methods to learn. Justifications are not usually written as essays, as in AP Stats, but in short sentences.

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