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How can i get buff like taylor lautner?

First off , my friends say my hair looks like his, but sadly, my body is pretty skinny..

i weigh around 130 at the height of 5'8 , im also 16 turning 17 in september. the reason i want to know is i find that most girls are more attracted to the muscular guys, and also my girlfriend dumped me for a more buff senior. do you guys have any tips or ideas on how i can get thicker and more muscular like taylor lautner? i heard he eats 8 meals a day , which is beyond crazy,but will that help ? and my brother has an extra whey protein thingy and he said i could take some. would that help me? please and thank you tell me how i can get buff like taylor lautner

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  • 10 years ago
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    First Lautner is not buff. He has a below average physique. Modeling yourself over a pre-pubescent boy with little in the way of real or sustainable muscular development will only lead you to be disappointed. You my friend are a victim of the media hype and listening to what females say. Big mistake considering what sheep and dopes females are.

    Now to answer your question. I am 6'0", 185# with a body fat percentage less than 10%. I've been in the strength game/bodybuilding game for a long time. First the fact is you haven't peaked in terms of your muscular development yet. Not even close. You won't for another 5 years at least. Second begin a controlled weight lifting program now and stick with it. My point in telling you that you haven't peaked is you need to be patient and think of your progress in terms of months and years.

    In terms of choosing a program you have to consider what your goals are. For pure bulk and strength you are looking for more of a power lifter's routine. In other words large compound movements with high weights and low reps. For the bodybuilder a focus on hypertrophy is in order. This means a program that incorporates at least some high rep(12-15 reps) movements and less focus on strength.

    With all of that said based on what your describing and your desire to get thicker you need to incorporate some of both. Squats, bench presses, dead lifts, etc combined with some higher rep more focused work on specific muscle groups.

    Finally diet! diet! diet! You need 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Supplementing with whey protein is fine and probably advised. Multiple meals throughout the day is wise but make sure they are of good quality and have a low glycemic index(ie don't cause a spike in blood sugar). Set a goal of 2,200-2,500 calories a day, write it down, keep track of what you eat.

    This is a very complex issue and one I can't do justice to here. I would suggest you do some reading from some reputable bodybuilding/strengthening sources as well as nutrition, but I will warn you to achieve your goals is A LOT of work. Don't do it for some dumb chick. Simply put they aren't worth it and won't fully appreciate it anyway. The craze over lautner is typical. Every generation has them where the sheep(females) act like the blithering idiots they are over these guys while calling you immature. The Beatles, Duran Duran, New Kids On the Block, boy bands, Beiber...all examples of how Hollywood trots out these losers and chicks make fools out of themselves carrying on about them.So if YOU want to do this for YOU(ie for your health, to feel better about yourself, to improve athletic performance, etc)go for it and welcome to the club. Its an elite group who truly do this for a lifetime with real results. But if you're doing this for a dumb chick and to look like the latest Hollywood p@#sy don't. You'll just end up hurting yourself or messing around with something like steroids to get a quick fix and ruin your life

  • 10 years ago

    Many bodybuilders (including me) eat several smaller meals during the day. It assists in muscle building by providing a more constant flow of nutrients. 8 (or even 10) meals a day is not uncommon. I usually take from 6 to 8 meals, but some do it differently.

    But just eating right by itself is not going to make u buff. U will have to exercise also.

    To gain muscle mass u should lift heavy with fewer reps. Maybe load the weight until u can only do 3 or 4 reps. Then as u get strong enough to lift it for 8 reps, up the weight again.

    After u have bulked to the size u want, then u can increase reps to tone up. U can also do aerobic exercise (like swim, bicycle, run, skate, etc) to tone up and remove any small layers of fat from the abs.

    Further on the diet. Stay away from such things as fast food, junk food, fatty things, candies. Drink water and juices instead of sodas, coffee, tea. In your case I would emphasise proteins and some carbs. If u are working out nicely, the carbs will turn to muscle mass. Protein is extremely necessary for muscle growth. Take plenty of protein after working out to feed the muscles u just worked. This is a good time for the whey protein.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Some guys are genetically more prone to great muscle tone than others. that said, most guys can get buff with enough effort. Some just have to work harder. Lautner has been working out since he was a little kid, and is a world champion martial arts expert-- that's why he has such a buff body, aside from likely genetic predisposition to being naturally muscular.

  • 10 years ago

    130 is a healthy weight for your height but getting muscular will add to that of course. I would say go out on the internet and find websites that show people who are really muscular and tell how they got started and what they did, then do what they did if it's within reason for you or you're capable. Hope this helps.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Well not all of us are celebirtys so we can't do exactly what he does, but you can try by some protien bars through out the day. the whey protien i actually have and if you don't change it up your going to get sick of it realllyyy fast. You can look up on youtube of some videos of trainers who know Taylors workout routine like his ab workouts that i actually do. But all in all i think you absolutly need to hit the weights, you don't get like him by just eating 8 meals a day. I would start by working every major muscle group when you hit the gym and make sure your doing somewhat heavy weights for you or else your get tone but not really bulky like he is.

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