Help about Music Sheet Notes?

First, back off and leave if you're just here to give bad or un-important answers. I'm serious here.


I want to learn how to read the notes like this :

It seems impossible for me, so does anybody knows a site that can help me understand those notes?

Or do you guys know a site that gives out song music piano sheets that does not contains notes like above, but contains aplhabeticals like : F# A E B D C

or maybe by numbers?

Thank you!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I am a Musician studying Music at a Univeristy.

    First things first. learning how to play and read music takes time... it may seem impossible at first but you have to have patients. you need to learn what the lettering of the keys on the piano are and then note names of the staff.

    The above picture is the grand staff in trebel and bass cleff with the labeled note names of each line and space. you must memorize these. this is how you learn to read shee music which is the image you posted above.

    the second link is an image of a basic keyboard with labeled note names corresponding with each key. you must also memorizee these keys and note names.

    once you have done this you need to use the two together. the sheet music fromt he link you provided in your question as well as the leearned information on how to read sheet music and play pianno.

    unfortunately as easy as the sheet music in the link you provided it really isnt that easy for a beginner. it may take you a year to get to playing chords and more complicated rhythms.

    In the musical world you will not see music writen out any other way than you have it in that sheet music on the link. you will not see letter names in a line and you will not see numbers. music is the universal language for a reason.... it is writen how it is so that anyone anywhere can understand it. it is made so that if you have an ensomble where each person was from a different country and didnt understand each other. they can still perform a piece of music beautifully. this is because music is writen the same everywhere.

    good luck

    Source(s): Music Major in College
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