I want to get into knife throwing and tomahawk throwing?

i want to get a set of knives to learn with i have a place in the woods where i can learn by myself, i dont know anyone in my city that does knife throwing or tomahawk throwing

can any one recommend me what are some good knives to buy for me ? i dont have alot of money and if it can be under $50 that would be cool

maybe set of 3 but not too short im not sure im going to to like the 3in knives maybe 6 in or 12 inch possibly just tell me where and some of YOUR OWN knowledge or experience thanks!

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    9 years ago
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    I don't know about tomahawks but I know a great deal about knife throwing. For the knives I heard there are cheap ones ranging from $10 to $20 a piece. As a beginner 6 inch knives are good but If you have a lot of space throwing outdoors I recommend you start with the long ones (10 to 12inches) because they're good for longer distances. There are two major techniques: Spin throw which is what you frequently see in movies and competitions wherein the knife spins vertically before it hits the target, same as for tomahawk throwing; and then there's No-Spin throwing where the knife just makes a quarter turn before it hits the target which is considered a more practical technique for combat and martial arts sub-systems. You'll find a lot of videos in You-Tube regarding both techniques.

    For the target, you can start with soft ones (layers ofcard boardss or thick styros) until you get your consistency in making the knife stick with the point first. When you've moved on to wooden targets, cross-sections of logs are the best (cottonwood if you can find one). Justdon'tt throw at live trees because continuous throwing could kill them because they get prone to infection and could easily die. It would be such a shame for a big old tree to die justbecauses of a few knife hits.

    Watch out for ricochets, be safe, and have a good time.

    Source(s): Kniffe throwing and Knife making experience.
  • 9 years ago

    Get a cheap but balanced pair. 6 inches is long enough. They will see a lot of wrong impacts and get beaten up, also don't worry if the blade is not sharp, it's the point that matters.

    You can tell if they are balanced correctly by holding the handle in your hand with a relaxed grip so your finger tips are barely touching your palm and your index finger where the blade meets the handle. Then loosen your grip a bit and the knife should balance on your index finger. This is also how you should throw them (but with a slight firm grip) trying to get one full rotation before hitting your target.

    Also have a cheap soft target. Trying to get them to stick in wood will cause you to throw them harder and make it difficult to throw them correctly while learning.

    Oh and never throw them at people and always be safe.

  • 9 years ago

    Start with something soft, like styrofoam.

    Do not jump immediately into real knives and find help from a professional who could physically be in the same place with you.

  • 4 years ago

    Are you close to a protection tension Surplus shop? they each now and then carry them. If this would not do it, i might propose Bud ok's Knife Catalog. i understand they sell those as i'm getting that catalog interior the mail.

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