Good solo musical theatre songs for girls?

I've always been terrified of singing in front of people, but I figure that this year is the year to face my fear. I love to do Speech at my school, and one of the categories is Musical Theatre. I need a really good musical theatre piece. I have a fairly good range, but nothing way too high(Like 'Glitter and Be Gay' from Candide) or anything way too low.

I don't want to do anything from Wicked, which I love, but is ALWAYS overused, and I would like to try and avoid any love songs, but I will if I have no other choice. Personally, I kinda want to do

'I Will Prevail' from Frank Wildhorn's Wonderland musical, but I can't find sheet music or an instrumental version.

I would like a very, very long list, so that way I have lots of options to look at. If you could, I would like the song title, name of the musical it is from(it can only be a stage production, NO movies), the name of the character, and links to the song and the instrumental version(if you can find one)!

Thank you! Post as soon as you can!

5 Answers

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