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Why did the US initially support Israel?

Was it because Israel was a hub for Western power in a mostly Soviet - backed region?

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    actually pre-Israel, the middle east was a US backed region, it was only when the US began to supply Israel with weapons that Arab states turned to the USSR for aid. prior to Israel the US was every ones hero in the region. After that happened of course then the mid-east and the arab-israeli conflicts became on one level just another cold war fight by proxy between the soviets and the west

    As to why the US supported Israel in the first place, a number of reasons, first very large and very powerful Jewish community in the US, with powerful political lobby groups. (not to mention many Jews were the CEO's of media organisations)

    Secondly, zionism, several large Christian sects in the US, believe that the second coming will happen when the Jews return to the promise land, (zion) as such many believed it was their Christian religious duty to ensure they returned. Thus bringing about the return of Jesus and then judgement day.

    Thirdly the US after the war did all it could to weaken and dismantle the British empire (a rival superpower) removing Palestine from the British empire and thus allowing the US to get a presence in the Med was all part of the plan.

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    Not really.

    And, we did not openly support Israel in the beginning.

    Truman could not have a representative of the State to the White House

    because it was not a recognized country. He had to sneak him in the side door.

    Israel was recognized as a legit country by the United Nations and for most of the 1950s

    was just another small country in a part of the world the U.S. cared little about.

    Source(s): "Give'em Hell Harry.
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    Out of guilt

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