Who makes alice's visions fuzzy?

Alice can't See the wolves in her visions right? It's just blurry or somethin? Pllleeeaaase tell me! Explain it all in the most easy way u can thx! Oh and as renesmee grows up can Alice see her? Idk like if she made a decision to do something big or whatever would see that? Or would it be fuzzy and give Alice head aches cause she cant see her in her visions.

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    8 years ago
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    Alice's visions are subjective. She can only see the future of species that she knows. She can see humans because she was one, she can see vampires because she is one, but a werewolf she has never been, making it impossible for her to see the future of Jacob. Like in eclipse, when Alice was supposed to keep watch over Bella, making sure she doesn't go somewhere with Jacob, even though she couldn't see what Jacob was going to do, she knew when Bella was making a decision to go with Jacob because then Bella would be with Jacob, therefore being clouded from her sight. No, they are not blurry, they are completely invisible.

    Renesmee is also a species completely knew to the world, not to mention Alice. Alice has never had exposure to that, so she could never see Renesmee. It didn't change when Renesmee grew up, because she would always be the same species. And it doesn't help that Jacob will be with her all the time too.

    So in conclusion, Alice can neither see Jacob or Renesmee, as long as they both live.

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    In the book it exlplains that Alice can see humans becasue she used to be one. She can see vampires because she is one. She can't see wolves becasue she was never one and see can't see Renesmee because she was a fetus or hybrid thing, which Alice was never. Hope I helped.

    Source(s): The book
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    she can see humans because she was one, she can see vampires best because she is one.

    any other species she can't see

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