Advanced book on C programming and C++ programming?


I have read let us C and i have solved most of the problems in that book. now i want to read some advanced books in c programming . But i dont know which books are there in advanced C. as most of the books i have seen are on basic C programming. should i go for complete refrence C? or there are any more good books . I have a problem in solving increment decrement questions which occur in some aptitude question papers. they confuse me. one day i wanted to read the code of printf function. i wanted to know how this function exactly works. but i couldnot found anything such on internet. i am not asking about advanced algorithms book. there are many of such type. i want to know some advanced text in c programming . people wrire obfuscated code in C. some use assembly language code in C. i also want to learn those things in C and C ++ programming. please suggest some advanced books in both languges.

thank you.

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