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REPOST: How to improve this car chase?

I reversed out of my space and followed her silver Mercedes-Benz. Karl’s black BMW followed my British racing-green Aston. Polly picked up her speed, and I easily matched it. The roads had cleared up and all three of us steadily picked up speed. Polly and I raced through a yellow light, but Karl got stranded.

“Keep me posted.”

“Of course.” I replied, a smile on my lips as I thought of a plan.

Karl caught up with us after a few minutes. Polly slowed down slightly and took a turn, I followed, as did Karl. As we drove down the street at breakneck speed pedestrians stared at us. Polly slowed down again, and I got ready for another turn. Instead of turning, she caught me off guard by leaning out her window.

I grabbed my walkie-talkie urgently. “Karl, she has a gun!”

“We have two.” He cockily replied.

Before I could laugh, Polly shot at my car. I swerved towards the other lane, but an oncoming car force me back into the line of fire. The bullet punctured my windscreen, I leaned to my left while trying to keep the car under control, but the bullet grazed my already hurt arm. I felt a searing pain, but ignored it. I could feel the blood staining and wetting my t-shirt. I fumbled at my gun and loaded it.

“This is what you get for murdering my friends.” I muttered as I shot at Polly’s rear window. It shattered and Polly ducked to avoid the bullet. Her car swerved, but she quickly regained control of it. The road widened and Polly adjusted her position so that she could fire at Karl.

Before she could shoot his car he shot at hers. At that moment a pedestrian walked into the road, I swerved, not wanting to hurt the person and the bullet broke my wing mirror. The shattered glass flew through my open window and grazed my cheek. It was obviously a deep gash because the blood flowed swiftly.

“I’m so sorry!” Karl exclaimed.

“Don’t be, it’s the pedestrian’s fault.” I growled.

I angrily fired a bullet at Polly’s car, but misjudged it. The bullet exploded off a trash can, making it explode into flames. Karl shot at Polly’s car, but she swerved and the bullet ricocheted off a lamppost. Polly leaned out her window and fired two shots. One grazed the side of my Aston Martin and the other one punctured one of Karl’s tires.

“What should I do?”

“Where’s your bike?”

“By the Chinese restaurant.”

“Go get it.”

Karl pulled over and hopped onto a red Retro Triumph. He revved the engine and expertly caught up with me. I could tell that he was more comfortable with the motorcycle.

I turned my attention back to Polly, I had four bullets left and I knew that if I wanted to make it out alive I would have to make them count.

“How many bullets do you have?” I asked.

“Five, you?”


“She can’t have that many left.”

“Unless she has extras.”

“I doubt she does, but we should expect the un-” Karl got cut off as he swerved to miss another bullet.

“Let’s focus.”

I picked up speed so that I was going faster than Polly. I found myself right behind her. 'I’m going to regret this', I thought as I prepared to bump her. She knew that I was right behind her and I could only hope that she didn’t shoot. I sped up a bit more, and bumped her. My car shook on impact, and I heard my fender break. Polly slowed down and I knew that I was screwed. She leaned out her window, swore at me and fired a shot. I had fallen behind, hoping to put her off, but instead I made it easier for her to shoot me. The bullet hit me in the chest. I groaned in pain, the blood was pouring out.

“I got hit, dead on.” I gasped.

“Hang in there. This ends now.”

Karl fired his last five shots at Polly, four missed and exploded against various objects, but the last on hit her in the arm, just as she was about to shoot again. She managed to fire one last shot, which hit Karl in the arm. I glanced back, and saw a patch of blood growing on his white shirt.

Polly took a turn, and I followed. Karl hung back. By the time I realized my mistake it was too late. Polly had taken the corner to quickly and spun out of control. She smashed into my car, sending us into a lamppost. My car stopped on impact and I was smashed onto my bloody arm and chest. I gasped in pain, and tried to sit up, but the airbag had deployed. Everything was hazy, but I was aware of Karl rushing over.

“Eric! Eric! Are you alive?” He cried frantically.

“I groaned.

“I called 911, they’re on they’re way. Hang in there.”

I felt even weaker, I tried to talk, but nothing came out.

“Stay with me!” Karl was frantic. I looked up and saw him clutching his arm, his shirt was covered in blood.

“Tell them…to look, at you…first.” I groaned.

“No, I’m fine.”

“I’ve got, nothing… to live for.” I gasped.

“Don’t say that!”

The last thing I saw was my bloodstained shirt. 'And there’s no way they can save me'.

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    Friend this is great question which has explain all the my to improve this car chase

    I think the chase scenes in this and GTA are really weak. They both follow the same formula of 20/30 seconds of scripted driving followed by the crook slowing right down so you can take him off the road. Don't get me wrong I think they scripted bits can stay, some of them are awesome showing you near misses and cool jumps, but i think once the criminals are passed it and out on the open road doing their own thing they should really put up more of a fight instead of driving like a grandpa. If you think about it there isn't much 'game' to these missions. you can't bump into them for the 1st 20 seconds because they get a little speed boost if you get to close then they are too easy to get after that. i think some tweaks need to be done for the next car based rockstar game

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