If america had another civil war conservatives vs liberals who would win?

base your answer in terms of which side would have the economic and military advantage in terms of recources, troops, discipline, leadership, technology, possible foreign alliances, terrain etc.


you can assume also a rough north south division based on the prevailing leaning over the last few presidential elections

Update 2:

mercenaries - sure i guess. anything goes

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    8 years ago
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    All the stereotypes you see expressed here are just people who can't be bothered to try to understand an issue. Listening to talking blow hards on TV and radio causes one to begin beleiving the trash they like to talk. You know none of it is true. You can't go out and pick out two conservatives at random who are the same. You can't pick out two liberals at random who are the same.

    The military is a cross section of America. Many in the military realize their benefits are mostly provided by the Democrats while Republicans support the defense structured corpporations. It's no different than civilians, Democrats supporting working people like the individual soldier, Republicans support the large corporations who build defense equipment.

    The liberals won the Revolutionary War against the strongest army in the world at the time.

    • Bdub3 years agoReport

      Well the liberals also had slavery and the republicans being president Lincoln stopped that. People were pro America and pro gun back then unlike now where liberals hate America and hate guns.

  • 8 years ago

    I'm not going to write an essay, but I would think the conservatives might well win because military hierarchy tends to be conservative and conservative civilians, I think, tend to be better armed than liberals, though neither side is more committed to their cause. If the president were more liberal than conservative, I wonder how the generals and admirals would follow the orders of their commander in chief. Foreign powers would revel in the second American Civil War and might well contribute to both sides so we would destroy ourselves, and no IEDs would be needed nor would suicide attacks in any way. I don't think either side would have an edge in terrain simply because the war would be fought over the whole country in all sorts of terrain.

    I'm no young man, but I hope my new granddaughter lives to be a funny old lady and never finds out in the real world the answer to your question.

    Of course, neither side would win. One side would just lose less than the other.

  • 8 years ago

    Fact Obama got 44% of the Military vote in 08. Fact Obama received campaign donations 6 to 1 in 08 from the Armed Services. But that is neither here nor there. The problem is that in the 19th century the ideological divide followed rough geographic divides as well. However in this case there are conservatives, liberals, and independents are all over the place and there is not a place where they could defend their ground. The war really couldn't happen. Also almost half of America doesn't identify as either Liberal or Conservative they identify as Independent . Also less than 1% of America volunteers for Armed Service. They really wouldn't want to fight.

    Source(s): I'm part of the 1% who did volunteer for service and part of 44% who identify as an Independent.
    • Bdub3 years agoReport

      You are an idiot and no he didn't. Where the **** did you get that star out of your ***? Also, liberals would die in one day with the power the red holds period. They don't believe in guns, fighting or anything human.

  • 8 years ago

    People in the military are more likely to be conservative (fact) so that gives them discipline and experience. The Conservatives would already also have fire arms where as liberals are opposed to them they would have a hard time getting equipment fast.

    The only advantage I can think of for the Liberals is they have the youngest, most abled body men. But, nothing beats experience.

    Source(s): This would never happen lol
    • timdel263 years agoReport

      Young liberal men have no balls and easily triggered and would cry about there own white-privilege and drown themselves in thier own tears

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  • The majority of our liberals are not pro-military. Our president, Obama Bin Laden, doesn't even go to memorial services of our service men and women.

  • 4 years ago

    The conservatives most likely, we have the weapons, mainly. It would not bother me to take out liberals.

  • 3 years ago

    90+% of the land mass of the country is conservative. There are a lot more quiet conservatives that will gladly get up and fight than quiet liberals. Any liberals in these areas would hide and ride it out or flee. Liberals would converge upon the cities where they would suffer grave pestilence and famine if they are not simply slaughtered like pigs quickly.

    When it comes to war Natural resources and agriculture are key to sustain any effort, liberals corralled in cities would be very well be cut off from supplies and starved out. Most likely would be very little actual military confrontation. Most likely Liberals will start to fight amongst each other and kill each other until the most moderate concede and then the most radical will make a final but meek stand.


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Conservatives, of course. Conservative companies control most of the oil in this country, and conservative citizens have most of the guns. The liberals would be slaughtered.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Conservatives, based on the military aspect.

  • Conservatives will win. Conservatives are better armed and have better organizational skills. Conservatives have God, while liberals believe in nothing greater than themselves.

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