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Can I Install Vista On A Second HDD Using My System Recovery Discs?

I have a Desktop PC, (HP a6554f), and I have two hard drives installed. The primary hard drive has Windows 7 Pro OS installed. The computer originally came with Vista installed and I still have the recovery discs that I made when I purchased the PC. My question is, can I install Vista on my secondary HDD using the recovery discs? The secondary is 160GB and is empty. I was using it as photo storage but decided that I would like to have Vista as well. I would rather not shrink volume (C:) to install Vista.

I tried installing but its started loading windows files and got paranoid that it would install over my 7 on the main drive. How do I get it to install on drive 2?

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    When you use your revovery DVD, it will force to install in the first default hard drive and will take the first primary partition. If your Windows 7 is in the primary hard drive then you will lose it. I suggest that you disconnect the drive where you have Windows 7 and just let the Vista that is in the recovery disc install in the other hard drive.

    When done and you are sure that you have recovered Vista in the 2nd hard drive, put back the 1st hard drive where your Windows 7 is located. Boot your OS and run this to create a boot manager which will allow you to select which OS to boot:

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    Boot from your recovery discs and install it to the second drive, do not remove the windows 7 drive, just do be very careful on choosing the drive where you will install your vista OS. the reason behind not removing your windows 7 drive is for it to automatically create a dual boot OS prompt so you wont need to enter bios and choose the HDD you want to boot on first to be able to boot your OS of choice.

    Enjoy experimenting.. be careful though!

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    Just a little something to consider here. Vista will only be supported for about 7 more months (until April 10, 2012) for non-commercial users, so it may not be worth installing on your computer unless you are looking for something short term.

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    yes you can, i installed linux on a external drive :). but i would recommend you take your primary drive that you have windows 7 on out of the computer leave the secondary drive in (just in case you over right your first drive by accident i did the same with linux), then put in the cd at start up it should install fine. after that every time you start up it will ask you to choose the drive you want to boot from, if it does not show up then hit, f8, f10, f12 etc... (one of the f keys anyway) on start up. its different with every computer it will ask what you want to boot from it will show drives, cd, usb etc..

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    just dismount and unplug the drive with 7 if you're that paranoid

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