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How do I start a cattle ranch?

I'm 12 years old and i have been living in the city for my entire life. Unlike my two older siblings, I don't like city life. My dream is to live in Wyoming and own a cattle ranch. I know I don't have any experience but I thought I should start learning about this while I'm young since my family can't teach me. Any ideas?

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    Well, there are MANY questions that have been asked in the same manner as you that have been answered on here that I suggest you take a look at, such as:;_ylt=AkWlG...;_ylt=At_JL...

    Do a search on Y! Answers by typing in "How to start a cattle ranch." You will get around 46 results in this search.

    Now, as for some advise, I would start to get familiarized with the various terms and practices that are involved in raising cattle. The best place to do this is to find a question and answer forum that has the experienced cattle folk that are willing to answer your questions., and are a few suggestions. is also a great resource for looking for any cattle-related stuff. Just be aware though, that you make sure you ask the right people, if you need to contact them via message board, to get proper answers for your questions. I am on there (I go by the name Wildrosebeef), and other knowledgeable people include Haustin1990 and some others I can't think of off hand.

    The second thing I think you should avoid is any sort of stuff that you find on the internet that is anti-meat or anti-animal agricultural. Most information from these type of people are either wrong or only partly true, and should always be read and taken with a few grains of salt.

    Third thing is that you are VERY young to be starting a cattle ranch! They take A LOT of responsibility, far more than what a Western novelist can recount. Speaking of which, I would also take reading those western novels with a grain of salt as well. Most Western writers that write stories about people in the old west tend to romanticize cattle ranching and such. They never mention the difficulties and hardships that are involved in managing a ranch, from the people who are hired to the cattle that are raised and sold. Besides, ranching back then is definitely not like what's being practiced today. Today there are far more breeds to choose from, and much more information and options that you can choose from according to the philosophies and goals you wish to achieve.

    Now, back to your youth, you need to realize that you still have a loooooong way to go before you move out of the city and start raising cattle. A college or university degree in animal science or something similar that specializes in business management, financial management, beef cattle sciences, rangeland and pasture management (among other things) is crucial to knowing how to start and run a ranch. It's likely you won't be able to start a ranch until you're 24 to 30 years old.

    But start asking questions to the right people, and good luck!

    Source(s): Farm girl, raised cattle.
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