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Fashion help..............!?

How do I know what looks cute on me and what doesn't? I am short and a little chubby. I'd say my butt and thighs are the biggest part of my body. I have a small chest and a chubby belly. I'm not pear shaped though. Kind of rectangular. Also I am EXTREMELY pale so dark clothes aren't the best. I need all the tips and advice I can get! Thanks :D

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    Always try stuff on in the store before buying anything. For the lower half skirts are good, just get in front of the mirror and make sure you can bend over as far as you can without any secret areas showing, depending on how chubby you are skirts that go to your knees are good. Not over the knee and definitely not to the ground. When looking for jeans I suggest you find some that have some give to them, either get your size or one size above you, look in the mirror and do the same test you do with skirts, also make sure to sit down in the dressing room to make sure they don't show your butt that way and that they do not ride up on your legs to become high water. Make sure you cannot see your socks at all. I suggest you get three belts, one flashy cute, one plain but with a little decoration and the other one should be somewhere in between. For shirts where something with sleeves, but only 2 can be T-shirts. Only wear a max of 2 bracelets and one necklace at a time, preferably only one of each. Other things would depend on your age.

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    I think that (since its summer) a cute little sundress that has a cinched in waist right below ur boobs would give you curves, without sticking to you, plus it's really breathable for hot weather. Also, since your shorter, try and get dresses that are shorter (maybe shop in petite- but you'll probably have to get a bigger size than normal) because long dresses are going to cut you off and make you look shorter than you are. And as for your "Pale-ness" I have the same problem and I found that cute, summery neon pinks and bright yellows go with my skin tone very well. And, you acually can pull off a dark color. It will show your light skin, but it will definitely have contrast and look pretty, its much better than a color that will wash you out (avoid whites), GOOD LUCK!! Hope i helped :)

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    try clothes that aren't too big and baggy but not too tight. stay away from baggy t shirts and booty shorts. also wear slightly darker tops than your pants to draw attention away from your stomach. also wear skinny belts on the smallest part of your waist to make you look thinner. if this doesn't help call Clinton and Stacey. (;

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    no skinny jeans, they'll make you look larger. So flare jeans and loose tops would be super cute and can come in so many styles. :3

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    Dresses! Hides your legs and hips :)

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    i think ripped up bermuda shorts are cute on bigger girls. and flowy shirts, not shirts that squeeze your belly.

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