5'4, 160 lbs, size 11 in pants, large body frame.. 34 inch waist... building muscle.. am I fat?

I am 5'4, my frame is large/curvy [my hips are curvy] and my waist is like a 34 or 33 and my pants are an 11 but everytime people see me at stores, they recommend 9's... and I'm 16..am I fat?? I eat healthy and everything and am building muscle.. I don't know whats wrong with me
Update: yeah but no offense, you can't calculate someone body fat online.. im gaining more muscle..
Update 2: and i do 20 minutes of cardio in my room.. and add muscle building/toning in with it.. and I walk a lot too and play soccer with my friends and I just can't lose weight :(
Update 3: yeah i dont know about that..im just fat and ugly lol.. and I wonder why I have never had a boyfriend hehe
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