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I'm trying out for cheerleading this year guys! what are some basic jumps/move thinggyss?

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    basic jumps are, toetouch, pike, right & left hurdler

    toetouch -

    pike -

    right hurdler -

    left hurdler -

    basic movements/arm motions are,

    but you'll prob use high v, low v, touchdown, right l, left l, t, half t, and "liberty" or whatever you call it the most. make sure they super tight and you clench your fists

    & heres some tips for tryouts,

    tryouts really depends on how good your school is at cheerleading. if they win nationals and travel and that stuff, then heres what you need to have:

    for jv:

    - cartwheel/roundoff/forward roll (the basics)

    - a front/back walkover

    - backhandspring

    - maybe a front or back tuck

    - average jumps for (toetouch, left&right hurdler, pike)

    - sharp motions and loud, clear voice.

    for varsity:

    - backhandspring

    - back tuck

    - front tuck

    - punch front

    - layout

    - maybe a standing full or something but idk, you gotta ask your coach

    - super high jumps

    - really clean motions

    - always smiling and loud voice

    whatever team you try out for, make sure you have a good attitude, always smiling, and your nice to all your teammates and respectful to everyone. good luck and hope i helped!

    Source(s): cheerleader for five years
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    When you try out at all stars you need tumbling but if its just for school then there are different requirements.

    my schools requirements

    1. you need a high toe touch && hurdler

    2. you have to be very loud !

    3. a really good smile (:

    4. you have to learn the cheer, chant, && routine that they teach you (usually in them they have these moves )

    5. last but not least you HAVE to be very tight with your motions and sharp with your words! (:

    my elite/ all star team requires everything the school requires +

    backhandspring; back tuck; layout; full; & front tuck but there are different levels!

    Source(s): on a school and all stars team.
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