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DS: Would you adopt a senior dog?

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    I have many times taken in a senior dog.

    The last oldie but goodie I took in was a 7 year old Rottweiler.

    She passed away in 2007 at the age of 14 (She was a registered dog

    so there was no guessing her age).

    Her owners decided to move to an apartment that would not allow dogs.

    They did nothing to find the dog a home, and at the time our County

    had an AUTOMATIC KILL Policy on 7 breeds of dogs -if the owner turned

    them in-for any reason. They called their petsitter (and mine) the day before

    they were going to drop her off at the pound. At which point she gave me a

    frantic call and asked if I would just keep the dog until she could find it a home.

    Funny thing she never tried to find her a home after she dropped her with me.

    We loved this dog so much. We took her camping with us, to horse events.

    She was such a doll. She used to lay by my elderly moms feet while mom did

    Crossword puzzles and periodically come over and make her give her some love.

    Another great senior I took in was a 6 year old Bloodhound-6 is usually near the end of life for this breed. It is hard to say NO whenthe Head of Animal Control for the entire County calls and pleads with you to take the dog. I had been up at the pound to pick up some sheep (I had a farm animal sanctuary at the time) and while there the Head of AC was there and asked if I would please come into the kennels to see the Bloodhound. I told her she knew better and that I would not go into the kennels. We ended that conversation. I had only agreed to take a few sheep that day, but fell in love with one who would not leave me alone. I told the head of AC I would be back the next day to get that sheep there was the head of AC who said "LOOK"- and pointed over to the quarantine kennels just across the way from the livestock area "I moved the Bloodhound over there so you could see him". There he was. Now I had a face to put to the name. Two days later she called me and said the dogs time was up, would I please take him. I gave in. I had "Hank" for four years.

    Got him through a Bloat surgery and all his other medical issues before losing him to renal failure at age 10. (Oh his owners were getting a divorce, so they divorced the dog too).

    Those are just two of the many older dogs I took in.

    At this point in my life I would not take in a Senior dog. I am currently enjoying competing in Performance events and am limiting myself on how many dogs I have.

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    Depends on what I'm looking for at the time. We just adopted a young dog because we were looking for a running partner and hiking and a dog that had a lot of energy. But if I could have a third dog right now, I would love to take in a senior,

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    Funny you should post this, right now I am looking at Great Dane rescues to adopt a Dane 6 years+. People take the senior dogs for granted... They're house trained, crate trained, often reliable to "free roam" in a room, eat less than puppies, already have their personalities, are much more mellow (not always, but most cases), and know most commands.

    Sure, I love me a cute Dane puppy, but the costs to raise one is just through the roof and I'm not doing that again at this point in my life. I'd rather just bring an adult dog into my home ready to go to lunch with me and cuddle watching a good movie.

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    All the dogs in my home at the moment are fairly young and very active. The rescues play rough, so I would definitely be concerned about the stress that would put on a senior dog. I'm also realistic about my financial situation at the moment. I would never take in a dog that I couldn't care for financially, and with a senior, the chance of high vet bills would increase. However, when my dogs are both older, and I have the resources, I would definitely take in a senior. It breaks my heart when I see them in shelters and rescues

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    Yes I would and I have adopted 3 senior dogs in the last 16 years. they lived to be almost 16 years old each my last one is now 14.

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    I would totally get a senior dog. I know they'd be a lot of work and a lot of money due to health problems, but someone has to adopt the old dogs too!

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    Yes, when I no longer have the energy or inclination to deal with a rambunctious puppy or pushy hormone driven adolescent, I definitely purchase a senior rescue Dobermann. One year or more of life outside a kennel environment in a family home is priceless to a dog & they are often overlooked.

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    Yes, I would. I actually have in the past, I fostered a 9 yo senior dachshund that ended up in rescue thru no faults of it's own and I ended up keepingher. She passed away at the grand old age of 17.

  • It depends on what I would want to deal with at the time. I love older dogs; puppies.......not so much. Until my current two kick the bucket, I'm sticking with them because I have the time and energy to do so. I have always wanted a mature greyhound, Afghan hound or puli. No more puppies for me in my lifetime. Besides, most puppies quickly find homes than the older dogs.

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    Not if I was dogless. After losing our rescued girl at age 13 I was not interested in taking on a 10 year old. But then we went to a two dog leapfrog format. So when our current oldster passes our other one will be in his prime. And we would consider an older sweetie.

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