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I need your opinions and advice. And BTW I will reveal who "they" are later in the story!!?

They told me to leave Petaluma, to start again in another city --preferably in another state. But I couldn't. They told me to change my name and my ways. To change my life. But I couldn't. Not even in the life or death situation I was in.

I hoped they had forgot about me. I thought if I lived a low-profille life for awhile they would, but as the sirens wailed in my driveway and my kitchen was flooded with the sound of feet stomping on the front porch, I knew these hopes would never become a reality because they were here and they were mad.

My mind raced into overdrive and I sped up the stairs to the second floor. I ran into the bathroom and took one last look at the cheery yellow walls before opening the window. I looked out and found that they hadn't discovered the back entrance yet. I reached into the bathtub and grasped the backpack I had prepared earlier in the month with the necessities I would need if a situation like this ever arose. I turned back to the window and positioned myself in a stance suitable for jumping. I was about to plunge into my backyard when something tugged at my leg.

I turned my head slightly, even though I already knew who was there and angled my foot so it was directly under his nose. I thought about what they were going to do to me if I was caught and kicked him as hard as I could. I pushed off his face like proffesional swimmers push off the side of the pool and plunged towards the ground, leaving him with a bloody nose and intricately designed imprints on his cheeks.

As I plumeted towards the ground I became very aware of my surroundings. The sky was dark and the grass was wet with dew, so I figured it was around midnight. The air was cold, an outlandish thing for a Californian summer night. I landed on my hands and knees and as soon as I stood up I took off running.

I knew eventually they would find the back entrance and I didn`t want to take the chance of being in shooting range when they did. I was about one hundred yards from the house when I was called by one of them.

"Come back,little Veadry girl," he growled, his shaggy white-blonde hair covered most of his face up to his nose, but I could still make out the sickly scar across the bridge of his nose, "Which one are you? Aveline, the one who bawled like there was no tomorrow when her `Dadd-eeeeeee` was punished for his crime, or Vivienne, the one who gave me this little souvenir?" he brushed the hair away from his face and revealed a pair a piercing green eyes. My heart sunk as I remembered that this man, Pierce I think, killed my father. I continued to run, slowing my pace as I headed towards the trees at the back of our large property.

"No, Aveline don't slow down! They have guns!" I could tell by the quavering voice that it was my neighbour, Mrs. Thighningdale. I nodded in her direction and continued toward the trees as fast as my legs could carry me. I felt safety as I passed the first few pines that concealed me from the house.

I climbed up the sturdiest tree in the front row to take a look at the house. An animal emerged from a patch of long grass. They took a shot at it, either to scare me or because the siluette of the animal looked like mine. Three of the men walked over to it and swore,making it apparent to me that I was supposed to be the thing they shot at.

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    Wow, this is pretty good and it makes me want to read more! I like it a lot and it kept my attention. Only one thing- it's silhouette, not siluette, but still good job! :)

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    Interesting, kind of hard to catch on to whats going on, but im assuming its supposed to be that way at this point in the story. High paced, I like it

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    NICE! i like it. :)

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