What does pending transaction mean?

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So I called AAA to open up my car and they charged me $50, but 5 minutes after I called i cancelled it and the lady said I wouldn't be charged because no one ever came out there. ...show more
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"Pending" means "about to happen", so a "pending transaction" is one that hasn't been completed yet.

Although AAA cancelled it, it probably hasn't shown up at your bank yet. The bank will try to pull the fund. but the cancellation will prevent them from doing so, and the transaction will vanish.

If it doesn't vanish, and the transaction goes through, you'll need to call AAA and the bank.

But it most likely has indeed been cancelled.
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  • Ashley answered 3 years ago
    pending just basically means it hasn't gone through yet. so just keep checking, if it DOES go through it will charge you, and it will have the date of when it goes through next to it, if it does not go through it will vanish from your recent transactions history, if they do charge you just make sure you contact them to let them know you demand a refund
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  • D.W. answered 3 years ago
    It means that AAA did the first step of charging you, but didn't complete the paperwork. It should lapse automatically, but you can call the credit card office (phone number is on the card) and explain that the transaction was cancelled and YOU DID NOT SIGN FOR IT.
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