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Who is a low cost solar installer in Arizona?

I'm interested in solar energy for my home. Does anyone know of a good solar panel installer in Arizona, more specifically in the Phoenix metro area?

I've had quotes from a couple, but I'm thinking with the great rebate and tax incentives out there I should be able to do better. Perhaps a lease?

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    Three are at least 3 big installers in Arizona: SolarCity, SunRun and Sungevity.

    All three companies offer zero-down contracts as well as up-front ones.

    Here's a good article on Solar installation, and specifically on these companies:

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    On a lease, some middleman needs to make money, so I suspect it's not as good a deal in the long run.

    It may be worth checking the forum at Northern Arizona Wind and Sun . They're in Flagstaff, and the company itself does not do installations, but many small installers seem to congregate on their forum. You might be able to find someone here who you would not normally see in the phone book or other advertising.

    I'm assuming that you meant solar electric, but as a reminder, solar hot water will be a no-brainer, fast-payback proposition in Phoenix.

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    Homemade Solar Power Videos :

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