hey zionist chrisitans, can I tell you a few things about your beloved israel...?

israel is a nuclear state

israel is a terrorist state

israel is a pirate state

israel is an apartheid state

israel is an illegal state

israel is not the US' ally, it's the BOSS

israel is not a democracy it's a racial colony

the UN itself said zionism is racism

Arabs are semites, nothing is more antisemitic than zionism

oh, & don't take my word for it, read Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 where it talks about khazars/ashkenazis & it says "the synagogue of satan"...see it yourself

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    This article is about Zionism as a movement, not the History of Israel. For other uses, see Zion (disambiguation).

    Aliyah to Israel

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    After May 14, 1948

    Operation Magic Carpet

    Operation Ezra and Nehemiah

    Jewish exodus from

    Arab and Muslim countries

    1968 Polish aliyah

    1970s Soviet Union aliyah

    Aliyah from Ethiopia

    1990s CIS aliyah

    2000s Latin America aliyah


    Judaism ·Zionism

    Jewish homeland

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    Law of Return

    Galut ·Yerida

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    War of Attrition · Yom Kippur War

    1982 / 2006 Lebanon Wars

    Peace proposals

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    International law

    Israeli–Palestinian conflict

    History (timeline)

    1948 Palestinian exodus


    Peace process · Peace camp

    First Intifada · Oslo Accords

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    West Bank barrier

    Unilateral disengagement


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    Zionism (Hebrew: ציונות‎, Tsiyonut) is a Jewish political movement that, in its broadest sense, has supported the self-determination of the Jewish people in a sovereign Jewish national homeland.[1] Since the establishment of the State of Israel, the Zionist movement continues primarily to advocate on behalf of the Jewish state and address threats to its continued existence and security. In a less common usage, the term may also refer to 1) non-political, Cultural Zionism, founded and represented most prominently by Ahad Ha'am; and 2) political support for the State of Israel by non-Jews, as in Christian Zionism.

    John 3:16

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    Israel is a democracy.

    It doesn't hang gays.

    Pedophile marriages are illegal there.

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    Go on, you have our most..........."undivided" attention. You've bestowed upon us a most intriguing truth, and I'd very much appreciate if you were to expound on these "revelations".

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