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Very gross but serious question! (mature only!) Please read and answer carefully!?

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and if ANY type of insects/worms from a filthy matress went in my vagina (don't ask how this happ) can they survive????? I really need to know! This is NOT a fake and I'm worried cuz I'm pregnant!!

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    it is very rare, what makes you think that you have worms it not impossible but there any different types and ways it can infect you but most are oral to fecal. If you have a pet get them checked out by a vet, a quick fecal test usually will let you know what worms they have and how they can be transferred.

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    Could, I would go to a doctor and not let a weird bug live in your baby maker

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    pls quickly go n see ur doc before it became something serious

  • go to the dr or hospital plz, jus to see,this is serious

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