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Dan asked in 教育與參考出國留學 · 10 years ago

美國加州留學(大學學分 生活開銷)







但水電 飯錢不知道該怎麼分擔?






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  • ?
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    10 years ago
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    1. Not exactly.

    a. The minimum requirement for transfer is 60 transferable semester units (But you should have more than 60 at that time).

    b. As an international student, you are required to study 12 units in order to maintain your status, unless you have the school approval to drop your unit load.

    c. Summer is optional.

    So in other words, if you only do the minimum as required, the earliest that you can transfer is Sprint 2014.

    2. It is best you can get this clear in advance (you ask them how much you have to pay). But to be honest, living with a relative is not a good idea - sooner or later - problem will come eventually.

    3. Book, supplies...and so on.

    4. Yes.

    5. Yes.

    Don't hesitate to use used things (like cars, tv, books and so on) - this can in fact save you a lot of money.

  • Mike
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    10 years ago



    看你怎麼過日子, 北加生活費會比南加貴10%~20%

    學費: 逃不掉的, 該多少就多少

    住宿: 親戚應該不會收你太多. 市價每月光房間就有$500~$800包水電, 所以你自己看怎麼跟人家算其他的.

    健保: 學校有便宜的, 每月幾十就可以

    車: 在南加沒車就沒腿, 二手車跑不掉千把美金, 保險看你怎麼做, 可貴可便宜(不保), 油費加滿一次$50上下

    吃喝玩樂: 隨便一餐就要$7~$10, 珍珠奶茶一杯就要$2~$4 (太便宜的很難喝), 唱個歌$20多就飛了

  • s
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    在加州, 最貴的是住宿, 親戚如果讓你住, 就是很大的恩情了. 你真要分攤錢, 應該是替他分攤房貸...其他吃喝拉撒, 其實是小錢.

    還有, 你如果真想要分攤伙食, 我建議你不要"飯來張口, 茶來伸手"...能夠分攤的家事不要打混, 吸塵, 拖地, 除草, 整理庭院, 幫忙洗碗, 掃廁所...都要勤快些. 不要想說你有分攤伙食, 就想要人家燒飯給你吃. 要是你到我家住, 我要嘛就燒給你吃, 要嘛就叫你自己採買, 自己弄來吃, 我不會要你分攤菜錢, 然後燒給你吃...燒飯是比買菜來的辛苦多了.

    你要唸在家州唸4年大學, 就是有親戚可以靠, 起碼也要準備個200-300萬.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    最近上網搜尋到關於留學的 動態產業報導裡面有介紹關於留學、遊學的文章,希望可以幫助到您!!另外它裡面還有其他產業的。

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  • ?
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    >> 或者一些省錢的小撇步

    go buy Sunday news paper... LA Times is the best!

    inside have many coupons XD

    everything is so cheap~

    including your check book~

  • 10 years ago



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